About Skilled Pragati

Skilled Pragati is an IT company backed by professionals having more than 20 years of expertise in diverse domains.

Team of Professionals

Skilled Pragati is a team of experts from multiple domains helping you to build and grow your business. Being the leading IT company, we are committed to delivering you excellent results along with a varied range of services.

  • Build your brand
  • Communicate your story
  • Look after your business
  • Manage your business well 

Adept in Multiple Services


We, at skilled Pragati, strive to bring you excellent results in mobile and app development services. Our ultimate goal is to make your clients happy and satisfy them to the utmost. 


Bringing you the best price quote in the industry, on-time delivery of projects, superior service and utmost client satisfaction is the ideology we follow at Skilled Pragati. 

Business Growth

Looking for ways to increase your business growth? Working with Skilled Pragati will take your business to great heights and level up your expertise in the business world. 

Remote By Choice

Having flexible working hours, Skilled Pragati is always open to new ideas aiming at overall growth and goes about exploring new opportunities now and then. 

About Skilled Pragati

Are you on the hunt for someone offering you excellent website design, development, and other allied services? If yes, then your search ends here as Skilled Pragati has got all. We are a team of professionals delivering services in SEO, graphics designing, software testing, blockchain development, digital marketing, and many more to go. 

Meet Our Team

We are a team full of dedicated, focused, and experienced executives looking to serve you with our services. The executives firstly have an insight into the client’s overall needs and goals to come up with the proper plan and strategy for your business. We assure you of thorough support and continuous guidance during the overall journey. 


Commonly Asked Questions

It is none other than the core values of an organization that helps the businesses achieve their goals.

The services at Skilled Pragati include web designing, SEO, Graphics designing, blockchain development, mobile and web applications, and digital marketing. 

The answer is yes. The businesses no longer rely on traditional practices and use mobile and web application services for increasing their online presence thereby leading to business growth. 

You can reach out to our team and fill in the contact form. Our team executives will get in touch with you as early as possible and get to know your business needs and goals. 


I cannot speak highly enough about Skilled Pragati. We found ourselves needing to upgrade multiple production databases from AWS Aurora MySQL 1 to 2, with a small two-week window. After vetting multiple vendors, I was most impressed with Skilled Pragati, as they had a very detailed and well-thought-out plan of actions that the other lower cost vendors did not provide. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of choosing one of the vendors that gave a lower cost quote. This is a decision that would have cost us immensely if not for Skilled Pragati’s excellent and responsive team. After the vendor we selected flaked on us, trying to raise the quoted price without doing any work, we reached back out to Skilled Pragati to bring them onto the project – except now we were looking at a one-week window to complete the work! In the one-week time, Skilled Pragati implemented QA testing and blue/green upgrades for our clusters to avoid any downtime. Then in the 11th hour, when we realized that this would result in new connection URLs for the upgraded databases, we asked Skilled Pragati if we can revert to in-place upgrades. Without batting an eye, they pivoted at no additional cost and were able to accomplish exactly that. After the production upgrade, we did have a critical bug in our application that we needed to fix – something that Skilled Pragati could not have anticipated as we did not give them the information needed to properly QA it. Despite that, Skilled Pragati was able to debug the code in a codebase they had never seen before and implement a fix in our production application with an incredibly fast turnaround time. We’re talking like 30 minutes! I cannot believe our luck in finding Skilled Pragati. Their scope of knowledge is vast, their willingness to do whatever they can to ensure a successful upgrade is unparalleled, and their patience throughout the whole process is commendable. I will absolutely use Skilled Pragati for any upgrade projects in the future and would highly suggest you do the same. Other vendors may be able to offer cheaper quotes, but this is a clear example of you get what you pay for, and with Skilled Pragati, you get all that you paid for and more.

Josh Payette

Manager (IT Systems & Support)

In an hour, Greg solved a critical problem that our team had been facing for two days. By unclogging our primary blocker, Greg enabled us to get back into our normal development flow.

Brendan Devine


Excellent work. The team at Skilled Pragati took care of all my needs and requirements, communicated to them, and delivered me exactly what I desired. Moreover, they delivered the project on time.

Asha J.

Skilled Pragati is for sure a great company to work with. The team is responsive and believes in understanding their customers. Their customized strategy for my business turned out to be the best one.