Without any doubt, blockchain development has become a major trend these days as everyone or the other company is introducing this and making its use in their business. It is because blockchain figures in the emerging technology these days. 

Consequently, many companies are intending to enjoy the benefits of blockchain development. Blockchain technology is not only confined to the financial industry but has entered numerous other industries such as media, health, and many others. 

Probably, that’s why the businesses have been on the lookout for blockchain development companies to add to their business growth. But choosing the blockchain development company out of so many companies is not an easy thing. 

You have to compare and go through each company before you finalize the one for yourself. But no issues as Skilled Pragati has got you covered. Here’s the list of the top blockchain development companies in Delaware you can consider for your project. 

Blockchain Development 

Blockchain is the one that powers the cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and bitcoin. The most popular cryptocurrency is none other than bitcoin as it continues to dominate the entire market. 

The main perk of using such digital cryptocurrencies is that they have fewer transaction fees. Moreover, these are decentralized from government-issued currencies. 

Why Use Blockchain Technology? 

Despite being so popular and widely used, businesses are in doubt over what purpose blockchain technology serves in the business. The foremost reason businesses prefer choosing blockchain technology is because of the security. 

The data in the block cannot be modified frequently which thereby adds to its security. You can only modify certain blocks. Another perk of choosing blockchain is that it is free. You only have to pay for the infrastructure, not for the transactions. 

In addition to this, incorporating this into your business will be budget-friendly also. Businesses looking to make transactions between unknown clients will have an edge over others as it is highly secure and will be useful. 

Besides this, there are a range of situations where blockchain technology can turn out to be beneficial for you. 

Factors to consider before Choosing the Blockchain Service Provider

Once you make up your mind to incorporate blockchain technology into your business, the next thing to do is choose an ideal blockchain development company for your project. Every business needs to take care of a few factors before finalizing the company. Here’s a sneak peek of the factors you should look into. 

Company’s reputation and previous record 

Gaining an insight into the company’s past like its reputation and other things will help you to decide better. One should go through their past clients and whether the company delivered the project on time or not. Also, see if they know about the blockchain development you are about to give them to get the most out of it. 

Analysis of Team’s skills 

Due to the new technology, the number of blockchain developers is limited which makes it difficult for you to find the right company. But one added advantage is that it is written in multiple languages such as Java, Python, and others which are understandable to a large audience. Consequently reviewing the team’s skills set before you choose them for your project sounds good. 

Customer service 

The next crucial thing comes in customer service. One should only consider such a blockchain development company that will agree to work on your terms and conditions. For your blockchain project to be a huge success, the company must understand your requirements and work accordingly. 

Blockchain Development Companies 

The businesses looking for blockchain development are on the lookout for the best blockchain development companies to get the job done right. But finding an ideal company for your project is not an easy thing. 

Due to the significant number of blockchain development companies in Houston along with other states in USA, the struggle to find the best one is real. But no need to worry as Skilled Pragati is there to look after the same. Here is the list of some of the best blockchain development companies to commence with your project. 

Dark bears 

Having been in existence since 2009, Dark Bears is an award-winning and ISO-certified software development company. The company has worked on hundreds of projects till now which includes mobile apps, e-commerce, content management systems, blockchain, IoT, AI, and the list goes on. 

Businesses can make educated business choices and go far beyond their competitors with the help of our quality services and savvy administrations. The company carries the vision of figuring in the top 50 outsourcing services. 

In addition to this, the company ensures to deliver the services on time, accurately, and at the best price. Their utmost priority is ensuring the utmost client satisfaction. 


Deqode is on its mission to solve complex problems with the help of new-age technologies. The professionals enjoy deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to make the maximum impact on the customers and bring about faster growth. 

It has been years since the company is regarded as a leader in cutting-edge technologies. The company is on its mission to innovate and create solutions inspiring the future. Its solutions center around white label solutions, blockchain solutions, digital transformation, salesforce, and application modernization. 

Edison software development center 

The company has a dedicated team of programmers and engineers. Edison software development center started as a biotech startup and automation. It has been years since the company has attracted reliable and qualified programmers who are adept at quickly responding to the needs of the customers. 

In doing so, the company chooses to maintain competitive prices. You can look forward to the company for custom software development services such as IoT, mobile development, web development, blockchain development, AR/VR, offshore development, and many more to go. 

Hyperlink Infosystem 

Hyperlink Infosystems has also made its name the best company for blockchain development. All its technical professionals have years of expertise in creating mobile and web technologies. This in turn results in the IT solutions for the clients. 

The sole purpose of the company is to bring the desired results to the marketing partners and give themselves an edge over their competitors. The team constantly keeps on updating the latest technologies to segregate their clients from the crowd. 

Xtreem solution

The next best blockchain development company in Delaware is Xtreem Solution. While working on the client’s project, their main purpose is to maximize the return on investment. Be it websites, blockchain, applications, or other solutions, Xtreem solution has got you covered. 

The talented team of professionals forms the bridge between ideas and business success. Some of its popular services include mobile development, web development, e-commerce development, blockchain development, and many others. 

All those businesses looking for excellent solutions and maximum benefits should reach out to Xtreem solution. 


It is an award-winning company emphasizing machine learning and data science. The company aims to automate the tasks as much as it can and allow the professionals to show their creative side. 

They get an insight into the client’s requirements first and then begin with the project. The company has earned a good name and fame in the field of the biggest tech and consulting firms. Doesn’t matter if the project is challenging or not, Sigmoidal is the way forward for you. 

Perks of using Blockchain 

Usually, when asked about the blockchain, people associate it with bitcoin. But it is high time that people should learn that blockchain is not confined to bitcoin but is much more than that. Besides this, using blockchain brings numerous advantages to your business. 

Let’s know some of the advantages of blockchain technology so that multiple businesses can benefit from it. 

Highly secure 

The foremost benefit of blockchain technology is its highly secure nature. But ever wondered what makes it secure? It is none other than cryptography. Going back to its roots, its modern denotation denotes security only. 

Similar is the case with blockchain. Blockchain makes use of cryptography to encrypt the data stored between the blocks and prioritizes security above everything else. Once blocks go through the verification process, they get attached to the chain which requires the consensus between the ledger and participants. 


Another significant benefit of blockchain is its cost-efficiency. Blockchain technology is cost-efficient in more than one way. It is an obvious thing that your business operations tend to slow down when you trade by using pen and paper. 

As compared to pen and paper, digital transactions are much faster-paced and also efficient. Moreover, it becomes easy to store and record crucial business assets. 


Blockchain technology is highly transparent. It is a distributed ledger where everyone in the network has access to the same documentation. Instead of keeping the dozen individual copies containing sensitive information, it is much better to have the digital copies with the same set of digital information. 


The best thing about blockchain technology is that there are no middlemen involved in the same. It simply means that no government or third parties can meddle in between for verification purposes. 

Besides this, the transactions in blockchain technology involve thousands or millions of computers but only your blockchain network can access it. Consequently, it is due to the decentralization only that no data is lost.


Next comes the Immutable nature of the blockchain. By this, we mean that the data structure of the blockchain uses an append-only format and not any other. The data which has already been recorded cannot be deleted or altered by the other parties. This further adds up to its security. 


By going through the above-mentioned blockchain development companies in Delaware and also factors to bear in mind before choosing the company, it will become much easier for the businesses to choose the best one for themselves. Schedule your consultation with the professionals at Skilled Pragati and get started.