The ever-rising market of cryptocurrency has opened a new avenue for people to earn money. Owing to the lucrative nature of cryptocurrency, the majority of people are taking great interest in it and making huge investments. 

But the number of crypto coins has increased greatly which has enhanced the difficulty. This has made it difficult for people to decide which crypto coin to invest their money in and which one to leave. 

Consequently, if you are also planning to invest in crypto coins, then staying updated with the latest trends is the key. Besides this, having some knowledge about the same is also an added advantage. 

Here’s an in-depth analysis of the top 10 cryptocoins to invest in for future growth.


Before you go on to invest in cryptocoins, it is better to learn about cryptocurrency in detail. Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital money in the form of tokens and coins. Usually, the code of teams is responsible for the development of cryptocurrencies such as its mechanism and other controls. 

These currencies are exempted from the government’s control and manipulation. Numerous crypto coins enjoy impressive features like bitcoin. Let us know about the best crypto coins in the sections mentioned below. 

10 Cryptocoins for Investment 

Whenever it’s about crypto coins, one coin that always tops the chart is none other than bitcoin. This is one such coin with which nearly everyone is familiar. But many other crypto coins are equally significant and profitable. 

Here is the list of top crypto coins which can bring you sound growth in the future once you invest in them. 


One of the best crypto coins after bitcoin is none other than Ethereum. Ethereum is a decentralized software platform enabling smart contracts. The best part is that this coin has the potential to run without the intervention of a third party or any fraud. 

The sole purpose behind creating Ethereum is to create decentralized financial products that anyone can easily use. Usually, the application Ethereum is run on ether which is a platform-specific cryptographic token. 

This platform was launched in 2015 which is at present the second-largest digital currency after bitcoin. Consequently, if you plan to invest in 2022 for-profits, then Ethereum will be the best crypto coin for you. 

The hike in its price from $10-$3550 is the huge factor responsible for its price. There is no doubt in this that the value of Ethereum has a lot more room for growth. 


Litecoin cryptocoin was launched in 2011 and it is the first cryptocoin that is in sync with bitcoin. In addition to this, it is sometimes also referred to as the silver to bitcoin gold. It is an open-source global payment network devoid of any central authority. 

You can also decode it with the help of consumer-grade central processing units. It is similar to bitcoin in many ways and also has a faster block generation rate. You can also expect a faster transaction confirmation time from litecoin. 

In addition to this, several merchants are accepting Litecoin apart from the developers. Its market capitalization stands at $7.4 billion which makes it the 21st largest cryptocurrency in the world. 


The crypto coin named Cardona was created by cryptography experts, mathematicians, and engineers. It took extensive experimentation and peer-reviewed research to create a Cardona-like blockchain. 

It is the research that acts as the backbone and foundation of Cardona. Even being in the early stage, Cardona has defeated Ethereum and has a long way to go. It has delivered products similar to Ethereum such as Defi. 

Cardona is not only the established world’s financial operating system but also provides solutions for voter fraud and legal contract tracing. Its market capitalization is around $26.9 billion. 


How can one not mention bitcoin when it’s about investing in the top crypto coins for the coming years. Bitcoin is the most lucrative cryptocoin to buy today if you are just starting for the first time. 

But in terms of market capitalization, it is the biggest crypto asset in the market. A few months of 2022 saw bitcoin stuck in the price and valuation but by the end of 2022, it is expected to reach $74000. 

Consequently investing in bitcoin can give you huge growth in the future in case you are looking for such cryptocoin to hold it for a longer period. Its significant benefit is that it is the leading digital currency. 


The next significant cryptocoin to look forward to investing in is none other than stellar. It is an open blockchain network that is bent on providing enterprise solutions for enabling large transactions. 

In case you are facing issues making huge transactions between banks and investment firms due to the involvement of intermediaries, then with the help of stellar, you can make instant transactions and that too without any intermediaries. 

Due to its open nature, nearly anyone can use the stellar cryptocoin. For doing the transactions on this network, the network asks users to hold the lumens. 


Usually, when the dogecoin came, people used to regard it as memecoin. But as its price went up, people started taking dogecoin seriously. Several notable companies have accepted dogecoin as their digital currency. 

There was a time when the price of dogecoin went extremely high when Musk was scheduled to go live. The market capitalization of dogecoin is around $15.0 Billion which makes it the thirteenth largest crypto coin. 


One of the first and most popular cryptocoin was a tether. It is a kind of coin that pegs its market value to a currency which in turn reduces the volatility. The main aim of the tether is to attract users by trying to smooth out the price fluctuations. 

Usually, the tether’s price tends to remain the same as that of the US dollar. With a market capitalization of around $80.1 billion, it is regarded as the third-largest cryptocurrency in the world. 


Investing in the avalanche cryptocoin for future growth is also a nice idea and can generate handsome returns. Avalanche is meant for decentralized applications. It is a kind of one-layer blockchain for decentralized and customized blockchain networks. 

Many people regard it as a valuable cryptocoin network that strives for becoming the number one for smart contracts. With this, the customers tend to get increased scalability compared to bitcoin and Ethereum. 

All these things only convey one thing that avalanche is a sound cryptocoin and makes a good one for investment. 


Another cryptocoin regarded as worthy of your investment is Monero. It is an untraceable, secure, and private currency. Launched in 2014, it soon rose and gained the trust of cryptocurrency experts and the community. 

Its emphasis is on decentralization and scalability. Making use of the special technique known as ring signatures has enabled privacy. By way of this, a group of signatures contains one real participant. 

But not many people are familiar with this because monero is linked with criminal operations around the world due to its unsavory reputation. Its market capitalization of $3.3 billion makes it the right fit for the monero. 


All the above-mentioned crypto coins are considered ideal for investing in the 2022 and coming years because of the market capitalization and other features. Still, it is advisable to take your due course of time before investing your money. The best way is to speak to an expert concerning the same.