Blockchain Development has been the latest talk these days and there is no doubt about this. And do you know what contributed to its popularity? It is none other than the widening market of cryptocurrency. 

But besides blockchain technology, another technology is doing the rounds these days. It is none other than the Solana development. Solana development holds the future of decentralized finance. 

Usually, Solana works the same way as Ethereum which requires no centralized database but it allows the deployment of digital assets and ecosystems. Before developing applications on the network, developers must figure out the Solana development workflow and also things to bear in mind before choosing blockchain company

Only then, the projects will be created. Consequently, go through the post mentioned below sharing some crucial details about the Solana development. 


About Solana Development 

It is a kind of web-scale blockchain providing fast, secure, and decentralized mobile apps and marketplaces. Owing to the support it offers to the smart contracts, the developers and blockchain development companies have the provision of creating applications such as decentralized exchanges. 

Solana development can facilitate nearly 100,000 transactions per second. Without any doubt, it is a powerful blockchain option for developers as it offers fast-paced transactions for everyone. The sole purpose of creating Solana applications is to make user-friendly applications and be the main driving force of future applications.

Benefits of Solana

Wondering whether Solana development will be good for your next blockchain project or not? If this is the real dilemma, then here are some of its benefits to clear your confusion regarding the same. 


The first major reason for choosing Solana for your next blockchain project is the scalability it brings with it. It enhances the scalability of manifolds. Solana network eliminates the fragmented layer 2 system and chain management. 


Some businesses and organizations also prefer Solana for their blockchain development because it is fast-paced. No other network offers such speed as Solana development does. On average, it has a speed of 400 milliseconds which is beyond perfect for the apps relying on high speed. 


Cost is a huge factor for many businesses and fortunately, the Solana network is affordable. In comparison to other networks, it is a low-cost network and is economical. The makers working behind the functioning of Solana make sure that its cost does not exceed $0.01 be it for developers or users. 


Core Features of Solana Network

Along with the other things, the developers should also make out about its core features which are the hallmark of this unique technology. Let’s learn about its features. 

Tower BFT

The Tower BFT acts as a security shield for the entire Solana network. It takes care that the failure of one node does not go on to affect the entire Solana network. Even after multiple failures, this algorithm is solely responsible for enabling the nodes to work. 


It is responsible for breaking down the data into smaller amounts. The data transfer between the nodes becomes way too easy. Due to the turbine, Solana can easily deal with bandwidth concerns. Not only this, it speeds up the network processing. 


The most common method used in CPU design is pipelining. Pipelining is the process of assigning a series of data to diverse hardware for the process. This in turn makes room for the faster performance information so that it gets verified faster across network nodes. 

Cloud break 

Not many people know that Solana follows a horizontal scale which aids in increasing its scalability. Consequently, it is the cloud break that is responsible for establishing the connection between the hardware and software. In addition to this, it organizes a website that can read and write input activities well. 


The next core feature of the Solana network comes from the archivers. Archivers is a network of nodes in which data storage is provided by validators. They have no consensus meetings. 

Sea level 

Another crucial feature of the Solana blockchain network is sea level. There is a provision for multiple smart contracts running at the same time in Solana. This makes Solana economical and saves time. Consequently, the technology which enables multiple smart contracts to function at the same time is known as sea level. 

Gulf stream 

Gulf stream allows forward transactions to get confirmed before the trading gets completed. It is a new feature that has made the Solana network an open-source working with the mempool concept. 


How Does the Solana Network Work?

Solana blockchain network uses a set of computers to verify the output whenever it’s about the untrusted user-submitted programs. Some people also refer to a set of computers as clusters whose primary work is to preserve an immutable record of events that are generated by deployed programs. 

With the help of the Solana network, developers and other Solana blockchain development companies can create or build decentralized apps on the Solana network. All this makes it crucial to verify the contracts. The main goal of Solana is to configure a network of decentralized nodes that match the performance of a single node or not. 

Before consensus is achieved, it leverages proof of history as the global consensus algorithm. Wondering how Solana achieves this? The answer is in the features explained above. Out of all the core features mentioned above, the tower consensus algorithm is the best one. Have you ever wondered what makes Solana fast? 

It is none other than the proof of history. It makes use of a delay function to hash all the upcoming events and transactions which is highly responsible for making Solana fast. Usually, the block time is measured in milliseconds. As compared to its predecessors, the Solana blockchain network is faster and cheaper. Besides this, it also empowers a growing community of decentralized applications which are difficult to scale on Ethereum. 

The Solana blockchain network is such a strong network that possesses the ability to handle 710,000 transactions per second. By using timestamps, Solana’s proof of history integrates time into a blockchain network to place specific times and dates to make room for fast sequencing of validators without communication. 

Unlike other blockchains agreeing on blocks, Solana agrees on time, and that is too fast. All thanks to the participants who timestamp their blocks and organize the blocks without getting them approved by validators. 


What makes the Solana Blockchain Network stand out from others? 

As such, there are no requirements to become a validator. Moreover, it removes all kinds of entry barriers concerning participation and reaping rewards from the network. As far as contracts are concerned, Solana makes itself stand out from Ethereum. 

Ethereum makes use of a machine-type system to run solidity codes whereas Solana makes use of rust language. More work and efforts are required to make Solana work as Solana developers are in the process of coding low-level programming codes from scratch. 

Working and dealing with Solana can be tough due to the complexities involved in the same. Things get even more dicey when it’s about hiring a Solana developer or Solana blockchain development company for your project. 

Another crucial thing to bear in mind for the developers and companies is to deploy decentralized solutions for this unique technology as Solana is still in the beta phase. It simply means that Solana development is still underway and there’s much to accomplish. 

The risk factor in investing so much in novel technologies is also huge for the developers. The best way out is to have some advice from Solana companies, especially in unexplored areas. 


Things to see in Solana Developers

This is where the real challenge steps in. Hiring the best Solana developer or company for your business is a difficult thing these days as the number of companies have increased so much. But no matter what, you have to devote some time to it and ensure to choose the best one for yourself. Let’s have a look at some common traits of Solana developers to make things easy for you. 

True professional 

One significant trait of Solana developers is that they are the real professionals in their field. There is no doubt in this that some of the hardest programming languages to learn for digital creation are Rust, C, and C+. Consequently, this is the first thing to see about the company you are hiring, like whether their developers are familiar with this or not. 

Loyal regarding their abilities 

The best Solana developers are always loyal to their abilities and skills. If you are hiring a company for this, then make sure that their developers are highly adept at programming languages. Not only this, the developers should go out of their way in bringing the desired results to you. 

Previous projects 

It is always a good idea to have a look at the previous projects they have handled to know a fair deal about their work and portfolio. Keeping in mind the skills they possess, it is better to discuss your project’s requirements with them and ask them several questions to figure out if they’ll be the right fit for it or not. 


Why Choose Skilled Pragati for Solana Development? 

Wondering what company to choose for Solana development? Skilled Pragati is the right fit for you. Here are some of the reasons indicating why skilled Pragati is the one for you. 

Skilled developers 

The key to making the best applications is the right developers. Fortunately, skilled Pragati has got the best Solana developers. Our developers are familiar with the programming languages and possess all the skills to bring you the desired outcome. 


The second best thing about Skilled Pragati as a company is that the company has years of experience in building the best applications for its clients. We work as a team and are highly known as an honest coding consultancy. 


Hiring merely a single Solana developer for your application might turn out to be costly. Instead of this, it is much better to look for a Solana development company and hire our competent team of developers. 



The key to your business growth is Solana development. It is one of the most promising projects of the future and no business should take it lightly. Feel free to book your consultation with us to discuss crucial things regarding the Solana development.