Working remotely has become a common trend these days and all thanks to the covid pandemic. As compared to on-site jobs, companies and employees are preferring hybrid and remote work cultures. 

But who said remote working is a cup of tea? Remote working poses numerous kinds of challenges to both organizations and employees every day making it difficult for them to make things work. Probably, this is why businesses are on the lookout for ways to manage the remote teams

So what’s the best alternative? It’s none other than opting for the best remote working tools to ensure maximum productivity on the employee’s part. But how do you know which tool is the best for your organization? 

No worries as we have got a way for you. Let’s have an insight into the best tools for managing remote teams and getting the time and desired results. 

Best Tools for Remote Teams 

According to a recent survey, it was revealed that around 82% of organizations allow their employees to work remotely but are worried about the challenges popping up. Consequently, we have come up with some of the best tools to make room for the efficient working of the remote teams. 

In terms of storage 

Google Drive 

When it comes to storage, the best choice for remote working teams is none other than Google drive. Google as a brand stands for the quality itself and is an amazing option for businesses and employees working remotely. Here are some of the features of Google Drive which make it the best. 



  • Powerful search features 
  • Multiple tools under google drive such as Google docs, Google forms, spreadsheets, and the list goes on. 
  • Automatic backup of all the files
  • Provision to search for more apps
  • Free storage space 

But for accessing Google Drive, you need to own the Gmail account first and then you can also work in offline mode on . 


Another great tool meant for storage purposes for organizations and employees is dropbox. One reason for its popularity is because it is easy to use. Moreover, it is reliable and syncs files at a faster pace than the competitors. 

Consequently, if you are considering some other alternatives to Google Drive, then dropbox is the one for you. 

In terms of internal communication 


Communicating and coordinating with your team members regarding the work-related processes is of utmost importance. When it comes to communication, the best remote working tool is skype. It is a video calling and chatting platform and assists the team in communicating with each other. 

Having skype for internal communication, allows the organizations to manage everything accordingly. Your employees can also share screens and allow you to attend meetings. The best thing about skype is that it is a free tool. 


Another great tool in terms of internal communication is slack. Slack is both a free and paid tool. The best thing about slack is that it allows you to categorize your messages into groups or threads. 

Be it small businesses or well-established ones, every organization can make use of slack. Small organizations can make use of the free plan whereas others can make use of paid plans. 

In terms of design


Wondering what might be the best fit in terms of design for the remote teams? The answer is Trello. As such Trello is a project management tool, but it also provides its boards to be used by the design teams for free. 

Some of its exceptional features which distinguish it from the other widely available tools include design sprints, cross-functional designing options, design huddles, and many more to go. Initially, it will feel difficult to learn to use the tool but once you learn it, there’s no looking back. 


The next best tool for the graphic designing remote team is the popular one, invision. Around 10 employees of the organization can use it for free. For the rest, there come the paid plans. The paid plans support more employees using the tool and that too with unlimited documents and archiving options. 

The majority of the organizations and graphic designers love this tool because of its collaborative design and for showcasing the design prototypes to the clients. Another popular feature of Invision is its easy integration with several apps. 

In terms of conferencing with remote teams 

Google Meet 

Having video chats and weekly conferencing with the remote teams is of utmost importance to nearly all organizations. When it comes to video conferencing, Google meet tops the list. Back in time, it was called Google hangouts, and later on, its name was changed to Google Meet. 

The best part about Google Meet is that there is no limitation upon the number of members who can join the meeting at once. The platform permits even 100 members to join the meeting at the same time. Besides this, it’s easy integration with some other tools is another feature loved by the users. 


The next best alternative as compared to Google Meet for remote teams is the widely popular, Zoom. There are numerous organizations using Zoom for their remote video conferencing and video meetings as it allows unlimited one-to-one meetings. 

The free plan provides features like video and voice, full-screen share, and chrome and outlook plugins. Zoom also has paid plans for the big organizations. 

Microsoft Teams 

Not many people are aware of this but Microsoft teams is also an effective video conference tool for remote teams. It is a tool for team collaboration combining video conferencing, cloud storage, and app integration. 

Businesses can download the tool for free. The free version gets you unlimited chat, one on one audio, video calling, file storage, and many more features. Consequently, this can also work well for your business. 

In terms of productivity


Keeping track of employees’ productivity throughout their tenure is significant as it keeps you informed whether the employees are giving their best or not. Its free plan allows five users unlimited management of projects. Not only this, but it also facilitates collaboration with the help of calendars and task notes whichever are shared among the team members. 

The organizations and remote employees can witness an increase in efficiency due to its easy integration with other platforms such as Github, slack, or Evernote. Some of its super effective features include email reminders, auto-tracking, and tracking reminders. 


Proofhub is another great alternative for tracking the employee’s productivity. Numerous organizations consider proof hub to be an excellent project management tool due to its easy-to-use interface. 

With the help of the proof hub, you can assign new tasks and also keep them at priority. You can also limit access to a specific project to certain team members only. Your employees can even set reminders in the tool itself. 

Reviewing and providing feedback on the tasks is also another great feature of the proof hub. It provides a 14-day free trial to let people know about the tool. 

Wrapping Up 

No doubt that initially, it might sound challenging to manage remote teams but once you have the required tools with you, then there is no looking back. Bear this thing in mind the success of your organization depends upon the tool you choose for your remote teams. Consequently, choose wisely and see your business scale.