Gone are the days when businesses used to hire full-time professionals for their projects as times have changed now. Instead of hiring full-time on-site professionals, businesses have started hiring freelancers to get their work done. 

Hiring freelancers is a much better alternative compared to hiring on-site employees. It is because freelancers are cheap, get you dedicated resources, and above all, provide high-quality work. 

Finding and hiring freelancers is also easy compared to hiring on-site. But have you ever wondered about retaining freelancers and keeping them happy? 

Taking the freelancers for granted can land you in trouble in the long run as they might work in between. Consequently, the key is to keep them happy and make them work for a long time. Here are some tips that’ll help you to retain your freelancers for a long time. 

How To Retain Freelancers? 

Most businesses only focus on finding and hiring freelancers, but in the wake of doing so, they forget to keep the freelancers happy. Overburdening the freelancers with work and only having work-related discussions can make them unhappy and lose interest in work. 

The problem is that most businesses don’t know how to keep their freelancers happy. Consequently, let’s have an insight into some tips to retain freelancers and keep them happy. 

Give them a good start 

Giving a good start to your freelancers is also crucial. It is the beginning only which determines if your relationship will turn out to be productive or not. The best way to give a good start to your freelancers is to communicate your expectations in the starting only. 

Make them clear how you would like them to work for you. Also, insist they keep a timesheet which will have a thorough record of hours spent by freelancers and the work done by them. 

Flexible hours 

The best tip to keep your freelancers happy and retain them for a long period is to allow them flexible hours. No doubt that there are jobs that require a strict schedule such as customer support, and sales but there are some other jobs that do not require strict schedules. 

Freelancers coming as web developers, web designers or content writers should be given the option of flexible working hours. Instead of focussing on the hours they are devoting, focus on getting the delivery on time. 

Making flexible working hours will also only make things easy for the freelancers but will also make them happy and work for a longer time. 

Offer creative perks 

Most businesses think that only full-time employees are entitled to creative perks, not other employees or freelancers. Just like employees, freelancers are also entitled to creative perks like a new laptop, covering transportation costs, dental and health insurance, paid leaves, free meals and the list goes on. 

Offering these benefits to your freelancers goes a long way in keeping them happy and engaged with your brand. Consequently, this is also a great way to retain your freelancers for a longer time. 


Learning never stops and is a lifelong process that goes on forever no matter how many years of experience you have or how skilled you are. Moreover, plenty of things and trends being introduced now and then make it inevitable for everyone to receive training. 

Most businesses have the provision of providing training to their full-time employees but do not think the same way about their freelancers. But the freelancers should also be given equal training as on-site employees. 

Consequently, do not hesitate to ask your freelancers for the course they would like to opt for or the certification in which they are interested and finance the same. It will make your freelancers happy and retain them. 

Pay timely 

The next best way to retain your freelancers is by paying them on time. Just because the freelancers are not your full-time employees, does not mean that you can pay them whenever you like. 

Paying your freelancers on time is crucial and motivates them to perform better. Otherwise, delaying their payment might persuade them to leave your project in between which in turn can spell trouble for you. 

Consequently, the only way to retain freelancers is to pay them on time. It will make them happy and make them give their best. 

Give them the right tools 

No doubt that freelancers work remotely but businesses need to realize that they also need the right tools and software to work on the projects. Businesses often provide their employees with the desired tools and software to enable them to deliver quality work. 

But this is not the case with freelancers. Businesses should offer the same tools and software to freelancers also so that they can do the work on time. The more tools they have, the better the work will be. 

Be transparent & clear 

Another best way forward to retain the freelancers and keep them happy is to be transparent and clear. Hiding things from your freelancers just because they are not your full-time employees is not right. 

Instead of making them feel unwanted, you should make them feel like they are part of your organization and tell them about your company’s vision, goals, strategy, process, and other things. 

This way, they’ll feel connected to your brand which in turn will motivate them to work with you in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

In addition to the tips stated above, there are plenty of other things you can do to keep your freelancers happy and retain them for a longer time. It will help you to cut down your costs and continue your projects for a longer time.