Without any doubt, it is the pandemic that introduced people to the work from home culture. Since then, work from home culture has become so deep rooted in the world that employees got used to it. 

Even in the post pandemic world, nearly 58% of people reported that they worked from home. Only 35% of employees were working on-site. Instead of working on-site for the full time, employees liked to have work from home. 

The biggest reason why employees are loving the work from home culture is that it enables them to balance their work and personal life. But if there are benefits, then there are disadvantages also of working from home. Mostly, it is the freelancers who are most likely to deal with the work from home challenges. 

Consequently, here are some of the challenges faced by employees during work from home and also the ways to overcome those challenges. 

Work From Home Challenges 

It is obvious that employees love to have work from home. No doubt that work from home has many benefits but it also has a lot of challenges. There are plenty of employees who deal with work from home challenges and face difficulties in overcoming those challenges. 

Here are some of the work from home challenges and ways to overcome them. 

Time management 

The foremost challenge which employees face during work from home is time management. No doubt that on-site employees also have tight deadlines to meet but work from home can even make this worse. 

The employees feel that time is slipping from their hands. Moreover, the employees lose track of time and have no routine left. The best way forward to overcome the time management is to schedule your day in advance and list the tasks according to priority. 

Also decide the time you’ll require for completing each task and make sure to abide by your schedule to overcome the challenge of time management. 


Work from home is comforting and relaxing as compared to on-site work but on the other hand, it also causes a lot of distractions. The distractions could be kids, friends, pets, TV, phone calls or anything else. 

Due to these distractions, employee’s work productivity suffers and also the quality of work delivered by them. Fortunately, you can keep yourself away from these distractions by getting a dedicated workspace for yourself. 

Lowering down distractions increases your productivity and ensures that you deliver quality work to your managers. 


Another big challenge for employees faced during work from home is isolation. Work from home limits the employees social interaction which usually happens when employees work on-site. And the isolation makes employees feel lonely at times. 

Thankfully, you can overcome your isolation by including moments of social interactions in your daily routine, be it via online meetings conducted on zoom or having a one to one conversation with your teammates. 

Technological issues 

Another great challenge for work from home employees is the technological issues. The technological issues faced by employees include being unable to see the screen, wifi disconnect or not being able to understand how to use a particular software. 

The on-site employees don’t face technological issues as most of the companies have IT administrators to look after the technological issues arising in the company. But work from home employees can easily overcome such technological issues by having a zoom meeting or sharing your anydesk with the IT professional of your organization. 

Lack of motivation 

Lack of motivation is also a major challenge faced by employees during work from home. Due to working alone in a home, the employees lack motivation and tendency to compete with their other counterparts. 

But when you work in an office, the energy of your employees keeps you motivated and also keeps you in high spirit. But you can overcome this problem by getting involved in the activities and looking for learning opportunities. 

Low productivity 

Keeping the high productivity while working from home is another major challenge faced by employees. The reason might be too many distractions or having your house members roaming around you. 

But constant low productivity can land you into trouble. Thankfully, you can overcome the challenge of low productivity by multi-tasking. Multi-tasking divides your focus into different activities and boosts overall productivity. 

Mental health 

In addition to the above mentioned challenges, mental health is also another major growing concern of employees. As most employees work all alone in the work from home, it leads to loneliness and mental health issues among them. 

If ignored, these mental health issues can turn into something worse like depression. The best way forward to deal with these mental health challenges is to consult a mental health professional to do the needful. 

Another effective remedy for dealing with mental health issues is participating in social interactions. Try to catch up with your friends on weekends or chat with a coworker to overcome your loneliness. 


It is obvious for employees to lose track of time when working from home which in turn leads to overworking. Moreover, there are employees who also do not take any coffee breaks or other short breaks in between. 

If ignored or taken lightly can lead to burnout. The key to relieve yourself from overworking is by using your paid time off. Make sure to set some boundaries for work or take breaks in between the work to allow yourself some rest in between the work. 

Consequently, catching up with a friend on a weekend or taking short breaks in between can help you to get rid of overworking. 

Wrapping Up

Besides the above stated challenges, there are plenty of other challenges which employees go through in their daily life while working from home. If you also face any of the challenges stated above, then make sure to take the desired steps and make your work from home a memorable experience, not the stressful one.