Out of all the areas in digital marketing, it is search engine optimization that is the most dynamic of all. And all thanks to Google. Google keeps on updating its search engine algorithms to make the search experience better for users. 

Due to this, SEO and marketing never remain the same and keep on changing from time to time. No matter how experienced a marketer you are, you have to modify and make changes to your SEO strategy. Testing your social media performance overtime is also a popular SEO trend. 

No worries if you don’t know the latest SEO trends as we have got you covered. Here are the top SEO trends to follow in 2023. 

No matter how much the trends change, showcasing your expertise and value in your content is something that never goes out of trend. With each passing day, Google is evaluating the content closely and figuring out if it is turning out of help to users or not. 

Consequently, let us throw some light on the top SEO trends to implement in your strategy for 2023. 

SEO Trends To Follow In 2023 

First-hand knowledge 

Google’s latest update is checking the first-hand experience of the topic of the author. When evaluating the content, Google will look into the experience of the author. Like whether the content creator has first-hand and real experience of the topic he is talking about or not. 

It simply means that businesses now need to have a closer look at not only their content creators but also the topics on which they are writing the content. 

Target audience 

Most businesses used to focus on getting traffic from search engines and used to write content accordingly. But what Google says is that content should be written keeping in mind the target audience, not the traffic. 

Consequently, the best way forward for businesses is to stick with the general topic and industry areas to make sure that Google ranks its content. You can take the help of a content planning tool to find out your industry topics and accordingly create engaging content for your target audience. 

Author authority 

The next popular SEO trend for 2023 is to emphasize author authority. The main purpose of Google behind this is to make sure that content that gets the highest ranking is written by keeping the real audiences in mind. 

Fortunately, you can do so by ensuring that your content is written by experts. In addition to this, you can elevate your user’s experience by including author bios, creating author pages, and linking your creator’s social media accounts. 

Satisfying and useful content 

Another useful marketing trend to follow in 2023 is to create satisfying and useful content. It is another important Google algorithm that will impact the content strategy in 2023. It is not the first time that Google has prioritized high-quality content. 

At present, Google is focussing on useful content to help users find the content they are looking for. The content which Google regards as helpful and useful is:


  • Written by keeping the target audience in mind 
  • Relevant to website
  • Created for users instead of search engines
  • Created by experienced content writers
  • Extensive knowledge of diverse topics

Also, include relevant keywords in your content to make sure it ranks well on search engines and is better than the competitors. 

Content writing software

Gone are the days when the content used to be written by experienced and highly skilled content writers as times have changed a lot now. With the advent of AI and other software, the coming years will see more auto-generated content.

Businesses and content writers can take help of the AI tools and software to create content briefs, and content outlines, and generate fresh ideas for the content. Getting the content done from such software will ensure that your writing meets the quality standards of Google. 


SEO automation is another popular trend to follow in 2023. As more and more digital marketers are leveraging the power of SEO software platforms and tools, SEO tasks will be automated in 2023. 

The tasks which can be automated include keyword research, site auditing, and monitoring and website graders. Marketers and businesses can make use of site auditing and monitoring platforms such as searchAtlas and contentKing to detect changes and figure out the technical issues in the website.

Likewise, there are website graders. The website graders are for identifying the site optimizations and prioritizing them accordingly. 

Modifications in CTRs by SERP positions

The next best SEO trend to follow in 2023 is the modifications in click-through rates by SERP positions. Google has made it easy for users to scroll through multiple pages of SERP results to find the content they are looking for and eliminated the endless scrolling. 

The past years have seen a consistent relationship between click-through rates and the ranking position as most of the clicks go to the first three results appearing in Google.

But now, things are going to change. The click-through rates are likely to be impacted in 2023 as searchers navigate through multiple pages on search results. With the latest features of Google like People also ask and snippets, CTRs may not suffer any clicks. 

No doubt that being on the first page of Google is considered good but it works even if you are on the second and third pages. Consequently, make sure to optimize the page titles and descriptions. 

Besides this, also make your content more engaging and clickable in SERPs using features like schema markup.

Competitor analysis

Keeping an eye on your competitors has always served as the foundation of your SEO strategy. But competitor analysis will be much easier now and all due to the advent of SEO tools. Looking at the thought leaders in your industry is a sure-shot way to understand what kind of content is trending in your industry. 

There is plenty of competitor software that lets you know a great deal about your competitor’s content, backlinks, domain authority, and many more things. 

Final Thoughts

Like the ones mentioned above, there are other SEO trends to follow in 2023 like high-performing websites, image SEO, less crawl frequency and the list goes on. Follow the trends stated above and dominate the SEO of your business.