Without any doubt, it is content marketing that boosts your engagement and grows your audience as plenty of customers are online these days. But creating interactive content is not as easy as it seems. 

There are plenty of businesses that have a content marketing strategy as it is a great way to stand out from your competitors. The more engaging your content is, the more will be your brand’s value. Creating quality content has become much easier now with the help of a tool like ChatGPT

Creating content not only involves creating plain text language but there are plenty of other content types which can engage your target audience better. Let us have an insight into different content types to encourage your audience and make them engaged. 

Interactive Content Marketing 

Interactive content refers to the content that persuades your audience to engage with your brand in one way or the other. For instance, clicking a button or answering a poll means your audience is engaging with your brand. 

By creating interactive content for your audience, you can make the overall experience fun for your audience and make your brand more memorable. Besides this, it is also a great way to get familiar with your target audience and gather crucial data. 

Kinds Of Content To Attract An Audience 

Gone are the days when businesses and marketers used to have plain text as times have changed now. In addition to text, there are other diverse kinds of content such as infographics, polls, videos, podcasts, and the list goes on. 

Here are different kinds of content to attract and keep your audience engaged. 

Live videos and questions-answers 

The most popular kind of content hovering in trend these days is live videos and question-answers. Creating live video content can sound difficult initially but is one of the effective forms of marketing. 

With live content, you can know your audience better, and enable them to grow your brand. Merely interacting with your audience via a video once in a while can make a huge difference to your brand’s value. 

Polls and quizzes

Another way to interact with your audience and popular content is by creating polls, multiple-choice questions, and quizzes. The best part about polls and quizzes is that they are engaging. People love to share their opinions and thoughts. 

But care must be taken while using the polls and quizzes as these are only effective for particular social media handles such as Instagram and Facebook. It not only attracts your audience but also sparks the audience’s interest. 

If used effectively, these can also be used as lead-generation tools. You can take the help of online tools to create your quiz. 

User-generated content (UGC) 

User-generated content refers to the testimonials and reviews given by users. It will let you know what your customers think about your products and services. Back in time, it was word of mouth that was considered to be a powerful tool of marketing but in today’s time, there are plenty of other things. 

For instance, you can have shareable content like memes and have CTA buttons to enable your customers to tag or send to a friend. 


The next great kind of content to keep your audience hooked on is infographics. It can be difficult for your customers to grasp the long plain text-like content and can be a major turn-off for the brands. 

The best way to communicate your thoughts is by doing so visually. When it comes to visual content, infographics top the list. Infographics are not only about effective design but also about creatively presenting the information. Moreover, people are also going to give it time compared to plain text. 

Get audience rating for content 

You can also engage your audience by asking them to rate your content. Let your audience rate and add your rating widgets to your blog posts and website pages. By showcasing your results on your website, it will boost your credibility and assist you in creating content liked by people. 

Consequently, let your audience rate your content. This will let you know your audience’s opinion and accordingly make adjustments to your content. 


In addition to the above-mentioned content types, another popular content type is gamification. At present, nearly everyone loves playing games. It is a great way to engage your audience be it through simple word searches or sophisticated online games. 

There are plenty of big companies that recorded immense success with campaigns and can make it work for your target audience. 


Receiving free gifts on special occasions is also a popular marketing technique known as giveaways. It attracts people’s attention and encourages them with their brand. By offering incentives to people for sharing the content, tagging friends, and encouraging your audience to show up at live events. 

You can also use this as a lead generation tool by generating more shares of your content. This will help you to reach more people, even those who have not heard about your brand at all. 

For this, you can offer any product or service or gift cards from top brands. Consequently, giveaways can increase your brand’s awareness. 

Wrapping Up 

Implementing all these content types in your marketing strategy can make your brand stand out from your competitors. But most important is, how you interact with your audience online and the kind of user experience you give to your customers. Also, take note of your audience’s interests as these keep on changing from time to time.