Are you new to white-label SEO or have heard about this before? White-label SEO is when an agency provides SEO services to clients but has a third-party agency or consultant to accomplish that service. 

The best part about white-label SEO is that it is a cost-effective way to meet demand, expand your range of services and fill skill gaps. For instance, a digital marketing agency has 20 clients who require four blog posts each month. 

But the agency does not have the desired expertise due to which, they can easily hire outside providers to produce 80 articles in a month. All this refers to white-label SEO. Here’s the complete guide about white-label SEO for marketers and businesses. 

Things To Look For In A White-Label SEO Provider 

There are plenty of white-label SEO providers and to choose the one among them is a daunting task. The best way to choose a white-label SEO provider is to define what you need first. Also, decide what aspects you want to have in a white-label SEO partner. 

Consequently, look for a partner that provides all the services the client needs, has a proven track record of traffic, and of course good customer support. Besides this, here are the other factors to identify the stand-out white-label SEO providers. 

Positive reviews 

The main thing to note in white-label SEO is the positive reviews. You can easily find reviews and testimonials across a provider’s website. Some companies have testimonials pages with video reviews from partners. 

Besides this, also look at third-party review platforms like Google Business Profiles, Facebook page reviews, Better Business Bureau, Fiverr, and Upwork. The white-label SEO providers cannot control who leaves reviews on what sites. 

You can talk to friends, colleagues, and other business owners to ask about an SEO provider. People’s opinions are a reliable way to find a white-label SEO provider. 

Well optimized website 

The next is the well-optimized website. See if the white-label SEO provider’s website should be optimized and depicts the expertise or not. Look at the top of the organic search results to learn how they do SEO. 

Also, look at the services they provide. In case, they provide services that your client needs, then prefer to browse other pages as well and pay heed to the page speed, navigation, and finally the content. 

If all these things are present on the website, it means that the website is fully optimized. You can also ask the provider for evidence by asking them about the history of clients they have handled so far. As you go further, don’t forget to look at the social proof of the company. You can get to know about the provider’s expertise by going through the reviews, be it of existing or previous clients. 

Case studies 

Checking the examples of previous work is essential and should not be missed out. So, have a look at their case studies and check out the results they have obtained so far and how they managed to achieve those results. 

Usually, the provider’s website has a page dedicated to the client’s case studies. You can also filter your search by client type and monthly budget to find the case studies matching your client’s businesses. 

Each case study will let you know the challenge, the solution, and the outcome. Having an insight into real-life examples like these is a great way to know whether the provider can be of any help to you or not. 

Excellent customer service 

Another crucial thing to note in white-label SEO providers is excellent customer service. Most clients stop working with a business if they provide poor customer service. A provider’s reputation plays a crucial role. 

Consequently, look into how often you can connect with your provider via email or phone during working hours as this shows their customer service. Check if your provider offers live chat, a local phone number, and a help center with answers to frequently asked questions. 

Transparent and ethical work processes 

The next thing to watch out for is whether your white-label SEO provider is open about their work processes and methods or not. That’s why, it’s always said to ask about how they work and get in touch with them before scheduling a meeting or demo. 

For instance, you can ask questions like what areas they specialize in. What process do they follow to improve the website’s ranking? Also ask about the tools they use, their SEO packages, and their previous work examples. 


Most businesses have tight budgets and they are concerned to know whether they can afford the white-label SEO provider or not. White-label SEO providers do not have the same prices and these keep on varying depending on the provider, what they offer, and where they are based. 

There are different pricing models for white-label SEO providers. Some white-label SEO providers have monthly charges whereas others have hourly rates. On average, the hourly rate for white-label SEO providers is $134.99. 

The best way to hire a white-label SEO provider is to shortlist some of the providers and then find out what you are getting. Some providers also have a separate pricing page to give you an idea of the same. 

A partner you can work with 

Prefer to choose a white-label SEO provider who is the right partner for you. The right partner is the one on whom you can rely consistently and who delivers great results consistently. Another indication of the right white-label SEO partner is that he is ready to give you a free consultation or meeting so that you both can access the potential relationship. 

One of the best ways forward is to have a face-to-face meeting to evaluate whether the white-label SEO partner is right for you or not. There are some questions that every business and marketer should ask the white-label SEO partner. 

The questions include the time he has to devote to your clients, whether he is happy working for your representative or not, desired results to expect, updates on regular progress, and so on. 

Wrapping Up

White-label SEO services not only bring traffic to your website but also saves you time, money, and effort. It assists you in delivering results fast to clients. Hire a dedicated white-label SEO agency now to go ahead of your competitors and make your mark.