Without any doubt, the competition has gone to an altogether different level these days, all thanks to the rise in digital marketing. The recruiters tend to get thousands of resumes and applications by merely posting one job. 

With so many candidates competing for the same job and role for which you have applied, standing out from others is a daunting task. Every day, thousands of applications are screened to figure out one right candidate for the role. 

Fortunately, it is your resume that can help you stand out from other candidates. But how do you create a perfect resume for yourself? Got no ideas? 

No worries as we have got you covered. Here are some tips to craft a perfect marketing resume like a pro for your Linkedin profile.  

Tips To Create A Marketing Resume 

Creating an impressive marketing resume for your profile is not an easy affair and demands plenty of effort and dedication. Consequently, here we are with some tips straight from the hiring managers to help you land a perfect job. 

Marketing resume template 

The first thing to do when creating a marketing resume is to choose a marketing resume template. Resume templates give you a great idea about the layout and formatting of a resume. It will give you a fair idea of what to include in your marketing resume. 

You can easily download the resume template that you like the most and use the template to customize your resume. You can also take the help of resume builder tools for creating your resume. 

Know your target audience 

Most importantly, always bear your target audience in mind when creating a marketing resume. If you know who is going to read your resume and what they would like to hear about you, it becomes easy for you to create a resume. 

It means that you need to think about the recruiter and the company you are applying for when creating a marketing resume. By knowing these minute details about the job, you can tailor your resume accordingly. 

This also informs you of the skills required, keywords to target, and what to highlight so that the hiring manager takes note of them in your resume. 

Define your USP

Merely having the right skills is not enough to land you a job. You also need to define your unique skills in your marketing resume to catch the attention of the hiring managers. Bringing out your unique skills is known as a unique selling proposition. 

Think about what separates you from the other candidates and develop your unique value proposition. The value proposition of two candidates is never the same and these differ greatly depending on the kind of positions and companies you are targeting. 

Likewise, large and small-scale companies look for completely different skill sets. Consequently, take your time and figure out that unique skill about yourself that aligns with your job. 

Showcase your impact

Another important thing to bear in mind when creating your marketing resume is to showcase your impact. You can better resonate with your audience when you sell benefits over features. This concept applies to your resume also. 

Summarize your experience or formulate your objective when writing your resume copy. Also, outline your accomplishments and provide clear pictures to the recruiting managers. 

Use simple formatting 

Also, prefer using simple formatting compared to complex ones when crafting a marketing resume. It is the formatting that conveys your thoughts and presents your ideas in an organized way. 

Your resume should speak of your candidate’s capabilities. Also, you need to strike the balance between your resume and keeping formatting consistent. Try to bring out your creativity in your resume. 

Highlight your education 

Usually, you’ll hear about people asking for your experience in your resume. But it is not only about the experience but also about your education. Highlighting your education in your resume can also turn out to be an added advantage for you. 

Make sure your education makes sense to the role or position you are applying for. It is because the hiring managers pay equal heed to your education as well as your experience. Consequently, this is a great way to flaunt your education in your marketing resume. 

Keep brief 

No recruiter has this much time to screen your lengthy resume. The more brief your resume is, the more impressive it will make to the recruiter. It is because hiring managers only spend a few seconds deciding if they want to proceed with your resume or not. 

In case you have more years of experience, then going up to 2 pages is fine and makes sense. Recruiters always have the option to know you during the in-person interview and from your Linkedin profile. 

Be careful with your company names

Which company you worked in earlier and what was your job role over there are the things hiring managers should note the most about you in your resume. That’s why it’s always said to be careful while writing your company names and job titles. 

Mention these details carefully in your resume so that it is easy for the recruiters to consume the content. But in the wake of impressing the hiring managers with your resume, do not forget to change the job titles on your Linkedin profile. It is because most recruiters prefer seeing the Linkedin profile before taking the decision. 

Dates of employment 

At present, nearly every candidate is familiar with the trend of switching jobs. Switching jobs is not only necessary from a career point of view but is also a great way to make you grow financially. 

Consequently, never hesitate to list your back-to-back achievements at different companies. Also, explain the gap in your resume if any. 

Final Thoughts 

Following these things in mind, you can craft a perfect marketing resume for yourself and land yourself a perfect job. Not only this, but this will also create a long-lasting impression on the hiring managers.