Using Google data studio for SEO and digital marketing is not something new as it’s been a long time since this is being used as a tool for visualizing data and mining insights. But not many marketers know that at present, it is integrated with Looker and is known as Looker Studio. 

Google data studio is no less than a powerhouse for analytics and business intelligence. The Looker data studio connects to third-party data sources such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 

Connecting to Google Analytics and other SEO tools gives you opportunities to increase traffic, visibility, and rankings for improving SEO. Not only this, but it also improves the overall site experience of the users. 

But most businesses and marketers have no idea of how to use Google data studio to improve SEO. Consequently, we have come up with this post to help you know how to use Google data studio and improve your SEO. 

Tips To Use Google Data Studio 

Connecting data studios to analytics tools is a must if you want to analyze organic performance, monitor site engagement, and compare traffic sources. It will also help you in staying at the top of backlinks which in turn will get you more sales and traffic than before. 

Here are some ways to use Google data studio to improve your SEO.

Analyze organic traffic 

The first thing you need to do with Google data studio is to analyze the organic traffic. There are plenty of ways to track organic traffic and engagement trends but the best way to do it is by connecting it to Google Analytics. 

The key things to track using Google Analytics are clicks, click-through rates, specific pages, and keyword performance. You need to connect to Google Search Console and use the clicks to measure the CTRs over time. 

You can easily spot trends from specific days by using the weekly data range. As far as specific pages are concerned, you can check the traffic patterns using the page filter option. Above all, you can also compare the traffic of specific web pages using a spreadsheet. 

Another thing to measure is keyword performance. You can track the keyword’s rankings, click share, ranking distribution, and everything concerning the keywords. If you are lagging behind your competitors in keyword performance, it means that you need to make improvements in SEO performance. 

Monitor search data 

The next best way to use Google Data Studio is to monitor site search data. You need to have a thorough understanding of the terms your website visitors use as this will help you to optimize the content and site architecture. 

But before monitoring the site’s search data, you need to add a widget to your Google Analytics as there is no in-built functionality for this. 

Track goals 

Merely setting the goals for SEO is not enough. You also need to track if you are going in the right direction and completing your goals or not. The best way to track your goals is to integrate Google Data Studio with Google Analytics and track it from your dashboard. 

In addition to this, you can check the visibility into the ROI of your campaigns and accordingly improve your conversion rates. Choose the scorecard on Google Analytics, select your metric, and add your goals. 

By doing so, you can easily compare your goals and track them to know if your SEO is on point or not. 

Investigate traffic sources 

You can also improve your SEO by using Google data studio to investigate the traffic sources. With this, you can easily track traffic sources and let you know where the traffic is coming from, like search engines, apps, marketplaces, social platforms, and much more. 

Learning the sources of traffic can help you find new traffic opportunities and accordingly develop a solid marketing plan. You can connect the dashboard with various platforms to help you get traffic of any kind. 

For instance, if you want to track traffic from social media ads, run Google Analytics, choose data source, select your chart type, and finetune your output. 

Besides this, you can explore comparison charts and tables. By doing so, you can show the correlation between ROI and seasons. Also, you can measure your returns to find profitable channels. 

Analyze backlinks 

Getting high-quality backlinks to rank higher on Google is crucial. Google data studio can help you with the same. Which functionalities to use for tracking your referral links depends on the connector you choose. Still, some tips are using which, you can track the links. 

Spotting high-potential referral sources is the foremost way to analyze backlinks. Instead of looking at the traffic, prefer to monitor the percentage increments in traffic. Receiving a recent referral link, the site can act as a great opportunity to build more links. The next best way to analyze backlinks is to track links in categories. 

Final Thoughts 

Using the ways mentioned above, marketers and businesses can easily improve their SEO to a significant extent. These are highly effective ways to improve your traffic, ranking, and user experience.