Whether you are a digital marketer, student, or business owner, using Google has become an inevitable part of your lives. From its inception in 1998 to today, Google has dominated every sphere of our lives. 

No other search engine is as popular and powerful as Google. It has become the most dominant search engine today as every marketer tends to follow its algorithms and updates compared to other search engines. 

Today, Google is widely known for its wide range of tools and applications. Having the know-how of these tools can turn out to be an added advantage for marketers. It is a must know local marketing strategy for businesses. 

But not many marketers know about Google tools. And this is what keeps them lagging behind the competition. Consequently, we have come up with a post dedicated to Google business tools. Let’s get started then. 

Best Google Marketing Tools 

Using Google tools not only aids you in marketing and performing business processes smoothly but also increases your productivity. Implementing these in your daily routine can increase the overall efficiency of your work. 

Consequently, here are some great Google tools that every marketer must know: 

Google Ads

Google Ads is the best marketing tool that helps marketers and businesses reach a wider audience and new customers. Targeting your customers online becomes all the easier when you are using Google Ads.

Google Ads gives you an insight into the analytics data and helps you target the capabilities you need as it is integrated across YouTube and its display network. Not only this, but it also offers automated solutions to give you the maximum returns. 

Google Analytics 

Another popular Google business tool is Google Analytics. This tool is regarded as best for measuring the app’s usage and also lets you know the source of website traffic. It is free. 

With this, you can streamline your marketing processes, identify your targets, track campaigns, and troubleshoot individual web pages all at the same time. 

Google Business Profile 

GMB is another powerful tool for promoting local businesses. Google has placed a greater emphasis on nearby search results as the new local search features have been rolled out. If you want your business to rank well among your competitors, then creating a Google business profile is a must. 

By creating this profile, it will be easy for your customers to discover you which in turn can promote your sale compared to your competitors. 

Google Docs 

Do you find trouble managing your documents online? If this is your concern, then Google docs are the best tool for you. Google docs are hosted online, and multiple users can interact with the same document at the same time. 

In addition to this, you can also see changes made to the documents, save these and revert to the previous versions easily. 

Google Adwords 

The next best Google tool which every marketer should know is Google Adwords. Google Adwords is the best tool to give your organic efforts to rank a jumpstart. With this tool, you can create ads targeting specific keywords related to your business. 

By doing so, your ads will appear in the organic search results whenever people search for them. The cost of these ads varies greatly depending on the competitiveness of the keywords you are targeting. 

But be careful while working with Google Adwords as this can turn out to be an expensive marketing tool. The best way to deal with this is to test different variations of keywords using PPC. 

This knowledge can be used to target search engine optimization and content creation to take the most advantage of Google Adwords. 

Google Drive 

In addition to the above-mentioned Google tools, Google Drive is also an excellent tool for file storage and sharing. Google Drive is a great tool for keeping your files safe and also sharing these with whomever they wish to. 

No other tool is as safe and lets you collaborate on files with built-in protection against malware and spam. You can also make use of Google’s powerful search capabilities to easily find what you are looking for. 

Google Trends 

Mentioning Google tools without speaking of Google Trends would be incomplete. Google Trends can help you as far as keyword choices are concerned. It enables you to check the popularity of certain terms and then use it to compare these with the keywords. 

It can help you get new keyword suggestions. If you are unable to decide between different variations, you can do a comparison in Google Trends to see which one is being searched more. 

Google forms 

Surveys and questionnaires seem to be important aspects of marketing. Fortunately, Google Forms is the best tool for conducting online questionnaires and surveys. With this tool, you can create, edit and track the results of surveys and questionnaires. 

You can easily track the responses with real-time updates. Besides this, you can create polished forms and custom colors, images, and fonts. 

Google Meet 

The covid-19 pandemic introduced people to working from home and remote work. With the rise in remote work, there was also a rise in video conferencing and online meetings as this is how people did work. 

In addition to zoom, skype, and facetime, there was a Google Meet. Google Meet is a great video conferencing tool and is widely known for its features like noise canceling filters, multi-way audio, and screen sharing capabilities. 

Google Search Console 

Measuring the website site performance is no more an issue now and all thanks to the Google Search Console. Back in time, there used to be no access to information about the website’s index status, search issues, crawling errors, and visibility stats. 

The tool is packed with all sorts of useful tools such as backlinks information, speed reports, and sitemap. Consequently, it would not be wrong to say that the tool is a must-have with every website owner for tracking the performance of one’s website. 

Final Thoughts 

Google business tools do not end here and the list is much more. With this, it’s clear that Google is not merely a search engine but much more than that. Choose the tool that serves your purpose and deems you the best for your business.