Whether you are dealing in e-commerce or some well-known fashion brand, your customers will look into the features you are providing them on your website. When shopping for products from your website, customers not only shop for products but also look at the features. 

Merely making the website for once is not enough. You also need to redesign your website at regular intervals and introduce new features to make it sound interesting to your audience and customers. 

But what’s the purpose of introducing new features on your website when your customers don’t know about them? Doesn’t make sense, right? Consequently, the key is to showcase a new feature whenever you have it on your feature. 

Here’s how you can showcase a new feature on your website with the help of front-end and back-end developers

Ways To Announce A New Feature

Before launching your business website, you must prepare and create excitement among your users. Whether you are launching a completely new website or merely one feature, announcing it to your target audience or customers is essential. 

Consequently, here are some ways stated below using which, you can easily showcase a new feature on your website. 

Post on social media 

The foremost way to showcase a new feature on a website is by posting it on social media. Being a free resource, integrating social media into your business strategy won’t be a problem. You can build anticipation with a series of posts for your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and other social media channels. 

While creating these social media posts, make sure to keep these posts short, simple, original, and vague. You can also make use of tools like canva to create custom graphics. With this, you can alert your social media followers about the new feature being introduced to your website. 

Press release 

You can also inform your social media followers about the new feature on your website by writing a press release. Whether you are redesigning your website or simply introducing a new feature on the website, you can write a press release and plan to share it with news outlets, trade publications, and others. 

Make sure to write a concise and thorough press release to communicate whatever you want to convey to your target audience.

Harness the reach 

Another way to showcase a new feature on your website is by harnessing the reach of your followers and business partners. Begin by preparing a list of business partners and followers who are loyal to your brand and would gain immensely from the new feature you are planning to introduce on your website. 

Create a one-time incentive like a gift card, online voucher, or a discount on their next purchase depending on your situation and target audience. But care must be taken while giving this value to your customers as you need to recover the costs of the new feature on your website. 

In addition to this, you can also ask your friends, colleagues, employees, and dedicated clients to share the new feature of your website on their social media handles. Also, ask them to tag your employees, especially those who worked on redesigning the website as a gesture of thanks for their contribution. 

Promote an offer 

You can also promote an offer to arouse the interest of users on social media and promote the return of existing customers on your website. But it depends on the kind of website you own and the feature you are introducing. 

The offer can be of varied forms such as product giveaways, discounts via promo code, access to premium content, free shipping, and complimentary assessments or consultation time. 

Sending mailer 

The next effective way of announcing a new feature on a website is by sending out a mailer. No doubt that digital business is on the rise these days but you also need to bear in mind that not everyone is on social media. 

In this case, it would be good to have a direct mailing list and design a brochure to mail to your business clients. But make sure that the content in the mailer is up to mark and is tailored to your brand and industry. 

The content should also emphasize the benefits you are bringing to your customers with the new feature. Highlight the features and benefits in your mailer so that customers can see how they can benefit from it. 

Adding a QR code in your mailer would be an added advantage as the customers will be able to access it on their mobile phones and visit your website directly. 

Announcing via emails 

Email marketing can also work wonders for your business no matter how much time has changed. It is because social media platforms only show organic posts and content highly depending on your followers. 

But sending out emails gives you greater control compared to other platforms. With this, you can easily determine who has seen your message. It’s better to create a teaser kind of mail and showcase the new features of your website. 

Consequently, you can easily highlight the new feature on your website along with the content written by your guest bloggers. Don’t forget to use the relevant CTAs according to your business. 

Final Thoughts 

In addition to the above-mentioned ways, you can also consider hosting a website launch party for your team members, colleagues, and other friends. Re-designing your existing website and introducing new features on the website is a great idea and can grow your business by leaps and bounds.