Without any doubt, Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the world and businesses be it marketing, real estate, healthcare, development, or any other industry. With the advent of AI, the routine tasks of IT professionals have become way too easy now. 

According to recent research conducted on AI, it is revealed that AI will boost the world’s GDP by 14 percent by the year 2030. Artificial intelligence was not popular in previous times but recently, its dominance can be felt in every industry. 

At present, ChatGPT is hovering in trend these days and is heavily powered by AI. Nearly every one or other professional is talking about AI and is using it in their daily tasks. Its proficiency in creating diverse content types is unmatched. 

Despite being so popular, some professionals are facing trouble in using AI-powered tools and lack the desired know-how. Consequently, we have come up with this blog post dedicated to Chat GPT and how it can be used in daily tasks. 

What is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that uses deep learning algorithms to generate texts as a human does. It allows users to have a conversation with the AI in real-time. In other words, it automates the manual tasks of the professionals and makes things easy for them. 

Whether you are from marketing, development, design, or any other industry, ChatGPT has got you covered. The reason behind the immense popularity of ChatGPT is its ability to mimic human conversation and respond to a wide range of topics. 

The tool is not only confined to marketing but in a variety of settings such as education, entertainment, customer service, and the list goes on. 

How To Use ChatGPT? 

Using ChatGPT is no rocket science and is pretty simple. Just internet access and an application that supports ChatGPT and you are all set to use ChatGPT. Here are the steps outlined below to assist you in knowing how to use ChatGPT. 

Select chat application 

The first step is selecting the chat application. ChatGPT does not support merely one application but many chat applications such as slack, WhatsApp, discord, and others. Consequently, select the application you would like to go with. Once you have dedicated, then you can create an account to proceed with it. 

Invite ChatGPT

The next step is inviting ChatGPT. Use your chat application to invite ChatGPT and join the conversation. You can easily join the conversation by sending the command “!gpt chat” or “gpt chat”. 

Begin conversation 

You can start chatting with ChatGPT by typing a message and pressing enter once ChatGPT has joined the conversation. After this, ChatGPT will respond to you. 

Continue with conversation

Depending on your requirements and concerns, you can initiate a conversation with ChatGPT. The tool will respond to your message as a human would. But you can ask questions, make statements or engage in small talk with the ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT Uses

Once you have figured out what ChatGPT is and how to use it, now is the time to learn about its uses. No doubt that it has several uses but mainly, it is used for writing. Not only this, but it has also gained traction within the tech space. 

With the help of a tool like ChatGPT, content writers and marketers can get the content written from this tool. Not only this, content producers can save valuable time by leveraging AI to generate natural human-like content. 

Here are some of the uses of ChatGPT:

Writing code 

ChatGPT is not only meant for content writers and marketers but also developers. ChatGPT is great for developers and can assist the developers in writing the code. If you are having trouble writing the code, then you can ask ChatGPT to write the code for you. 

You can also tell it to use the required programming language if you have any particular requirements. For instance, ask ChatGPT to create a Java code for sorting prime numbers for testing purposes. It will code it perfectly. 

Simplify complex concepts 

ChatGPT is also widely used to explain complex concepts simply. Usually, it is difficult for marketers and developers to understand complex topics and they are on the lookout for alternatives. 

Thankfully, ChatGPT can be an excellent alternative as it simply explains complex concepts. 

For instance, if you are unable to understand the working of a graphics card, then ChatGPT can provide a clear explanation of the mechanics behind its working. The tool can also explain ideas to you in simple words if you are attempting to learn about complicated subjects. 

Story writer

In addition to the above-mentioned things, ChatGPT is also a great story writer. No doubt that the tool is not that creative but it can create an amazing bedtime story for kids from simple suggestions. 

If you have the minimum time and want to recite a story to your kid, then you can ask the tool to create the one for you. 

Diet planner 

Most people have no idea that ChatGPT can be an excellent diet planner for people who want to lose weight. It is known to all that dietitians turn out to be super costly these days and most people can’t afford such expensive diet plans. 

Ask ChatGPT to create a week’s diet plan for you. When asking the tool for creating the diet plan for you, make sure to specify your preferences and dietary requirements. Like whether you want vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Also if you want any dinner suggestions as ChatGPT can create an exact diet plan for you. 

Final Thoughts 

It would not be wrong to say that ChatGPT is an excellent AI tool for marketers, developers, and other IT professionals. Using this tool in your daily business processes can make things easy for professionals. Try using this tool for your business and see if it gets you the desired results or not.