According to the statistics, 75% of people judge a business’s reputation and credibility by seeing its website design. Not only this, but 94% of the first impressions of the visitors are purely related to design. 

Consequently, having an attractive and visually appealing website is a must for you if you want to get ahead of your competition and take your business to great heights. It’s high time that businesses accord high priority to website creation now. 

No worries if you don’t know how to make your website visually appealing and attractive as we have got you back. Here are some website and graphic design trends to watch out for in 2023 in the post stated below. 

Website And Graphic Design Trends 

With so much competition these days, it can be difficult to come up with some different and out of box ideas for your website and design. Consequently, here are the website and graphic design trends you can follow for your website, branding, and other sorts of marketing. 

Illustrations and Doodles 

The primary trend to follow in your website creation and graphic design is illustrations and doodles. Most businesses and brands are making use of hand-drawn illustrations like arrows and squiggly lines on their website. 

Adding these simple elements to your website adds a touch of movement and a friendly feel ranging from the headers to the footers. 

Bio typography and serifs 

Gone are the days when simple typography was in trend as the trends have changed now. At present, it is the bold typography and contemporary serifs which are hovering in trend. The main purpose behind using these authoritative fonts is because they bring the message. 

Besides this, these fonts also set the page’s visual hierarchy. At times, the words also become a sort of graphic element. 

Vintage designs 

The next popular trend to follow for 2023 is a vintage design. Along with the other trends, vintage and retro trends are also hovering in the market. Most businesses and brands have also started adopting these in their websites. 

Seeing these styles on the website is not visually appealing but also evokes nostalgia and positive emotions which in turn helps you to connect with the audience on a broader level. 

Flat icons 

Flat icons are another major trend to follow in your website creation and design. There are plenty of websites and apps that are shifting to flat design principles as this simplifies and modernizes the user interface. 

But in reality, it would be better if you opt for fewer colors and simple shapes to convey the image better than complex shading. 

Complex gradients 

Next comes the complex gradients. It is not only the flat design but the complex gradients are also trending. Complex gradients complement the simplicity of flat icons. Gradients are transitions from one color to another be it monochromatic or one color to another.

Gradients are best for creating visual interest, adding depth, and shifting focus across a screen which in turn makes them versatile to be used anywhere on the website. It depends on your discretion whether you want to add it as background or a CTA. You can use it on landing pages as well. 

Inclusivity and accessibility 

You can also consider adding inclusivity and accessibility to your website and graphic design. When it’s about inclusivity in imagery, most businesses think of people. But this is not the only way to represent inclusivity. 

Instead of that, you can represent different incomes and lifestyles with your backdrops and settings. Moreover, the coming years will see more alignment with website accessibility best practices.

Real images 

Using real images combined with graphics and illustrations on your website is another popular trend to follow in 2023. Every brand makes use of the images but if you want your brand to shine among your competitors, then you need to use different images from your competitors. 

You can consider giving your graphics a playful and active feel to bring the real effect, 

Interactive content 

Having interactive content for your website also works wonders for your business. Interactive content is not new and has been in existence for quite a time. Back in time, interactive content used to be done only for cutting-edge websites. 

But now, as the mainstream is getting access to interactive content tools, there can be more decorative elements. Along with this, data visualization will also evolve. 

Subtle motion 

Another website and graphic design trend is subtle motion. Subtle motion is not something new as subtle motion is everywhere on websites. Most websites opt for real or animated videos. 

But instead of real or animated videos, the elements seem like they are floating in space or depict a bounce when hovered over. In such a case, subtle motion can be applied to backgrounds, buttons, icons, headings, and other things as this will keep the visitors engaged. 

Besides this, you can work your way towards interactive designs which in turn will enable the users to drag and drop the objects on the page. 

Wrapping Up

Incorporating the above-stated trends in your websites and graphic design can help you scale your business and take your business to great heights. These trends are not only meant for websites but can also be used for social media posts, emails, and other elements of social media marketing strategy.