The most common concern for most businesses is generating customers. Despite their best efforts, businesses are not able to get desired results and customers for their products and services. 

Fortunately, one of the sure-shot ways to make great customers is through pay-per-click advertising (PPC). PPC is a crucial part of digital marketing. But running a PPC  campaign is not as easy as it seems. There are numerous instances of people wasting tons of money when running paid online ads. 

The reason behind this is committing silly mistakes that cost businesses a great deal in the long run. Consequently, we have come up with this post to help marketers avoid these PPC mistakes. 

PPC Mistakes To Avoid 

Some businesses and marketers feel that they can make a huge profit by running paid PPC ads but the reality happens to be otherwise. They commit several mistakes when running the ads which in turn leads to losses. 

But no more worrying over the same. Here are the common PPC mistakes which every marketer should avoid. 

Incorrect targeting 

Not being able to reach your target audience is the biggest mistake committed while running ads. It simply means that your ad campaigns are shown to such people who don’t care about it or don’t want to avail of your services. 

But you can fix your targeting by learning about your customers and creating a buyer persona. By this, we mean figuring out the age, occupation, hopes, fears, and interests. Knowing about your customers will enable you to hone your marketing strategy and make you select the right groups. 

Negative keywords list 

Lacking a well-researched negative keywords list can also ruin your PPC ads. You cannot afford to go weak on your negative keywords list if the marketer is experimenting with the different match types and using the SKAG technique.

With this, you can filter the irrelevant search terms which can put all your efforts and money in vain without bringing you conversions. Consequently, align the search term with your ad keywords. 

The main purpose behind adding negative keywords to your PPC campaign is to avoid irrelevant search terms, avoid keyword cannibalization, and lastly, avoid high search volume keywords that bring zero conversion. 

No new budget for winning ads 

The next PPC mistake which marketers should avoid is failing to add a new budget to winning ads. The PPC managers tend to place the ads on autopilot mode when it starts generating a low bounce rate and good conversions.

But in reality, a marketer should keep a constant check on the performance of the ads campaign and make several modifications from time to time to boost conversions even further. 

Allocating a new budget to the ads will work wonders for the ads campaigns and bring the highest conversions for the businesses. It also enables you to utilize the overall budget of the campaign wisely. 

Lack of optimized landing page

Not many marketers know this but PPC executives are not only responsible for creating Google Ads accounts but also for creating and optimizing the landing page which the users will click once the ad gets live. 

But for this, marketers must know the basics of optimizing the landing page. Some of the basics of optimizing a landing page include the contact form should have minimum fields, the value should be highlighted in the header, and the overall landing page should speak of your USPs. 

Besides this, a landing page should be according to the ads you are going to place, CTA’s should be clear and most importantly, the content should be engaging. 

Ignoring updates

Another PPC mistake to avoid while creating the ads campaign is ignoring the Google ads updates. Search engines are not static and their algorithms and systems keep on changing from time to time. 

Ignoring these updates and announcements is a blunder. The key is to stay updated and never neglect the search engines. 

Inconsistent reporting 

Inconsistent reporting in PPC is another blunder committed by marketers while setting up ad campaigns. When you do clear reporting, it helps you to know if your outsourcing partner is managing your work or not. 

But some outsourcing agencies do not follow the regular reporting format and simply submit reports at the renewal time. In reality, the report should be crisp and have a clear format such as a table of content, headers, graphs, and others. 

But to save some money, agencies simply copy and paste data using analytics tools which in turn contain irrelevant data. Screening through tons of data can be challenging. The only alternative to this is high-level dashboard reporting. 

High-level reporting includes a lead generation matrix by taking note of no. of visitors, subscribers, leads converted, monthly marketing performance, and campaign performance report. 

Wrapping Up 

Besides the above-mentioned mistakes, there are plenty of other mistakes that might be fading your PPC ads campaign. Consequently, take note of the mistakes that are ruining your PPC ads campaign and taking you down. Fixing these mistakes is the only way to boost your conversions and take your business to heights.