The world of the Internet and marketing is no more the same these days and has changed drastically. From organic marketing to paid marketing, Google Ads has come a long way. Many businesses have started investing huge sums of money in Google Ads and all due to the impressive return on investment it brings. 

Unfortunately, not all businesses tend to witness impressive returns on investment and conversions from a live Google Ads campaign. Just because you are not getting the desired conversions does not mean leaving Google Ads. 

The chances are that you might be committing some major blunders or mistakes while setting up your Google Ads so that it does not convert. 

Let’s have an insight into the mistakes you have been making due to which Google Ads might not be yielding desired results. 

Reasons Why Your Google Ads Aren’t Converting 

From technical errors to strategic snafus or anything else, there can be plenty of reasons why your Google Ads are not converting and yielding results. Here are the possible reasons why your Google Ads are not bringing you the desired conversions. 

Way too early 

The primary reason for not getting the desired results from Google Ads is that it’s way too early. If you have just started with online advertising, make sure you have a thorough knowledge of how machine learning works. 

It is because the Ad platforms are designed in such a way that deliver your ads depending on the conditions you select and as users interact with your campaign. By this, we mean that you need to provide a certain amount of data and accordingly it’ll bring you the results. 

The time it takes is not fixed and will vary depending on how many times your ad is being served. If you notice that your Ads are not converting, it simply means that Google must be in the learning period. 

High expectations 

Having high expectations from Google Ads is another reason why your Google Ads are not converting. Zero conversions mean there might be some troubleshooting to do. But if you are getting fewer conversions but you are still not satisfied, then you need to check your expectations. 

According to the research conducted on this, it was revealed that the average conversion rate is 7.26%. But the criteria would be to look at your industry average to find out the ideal conversion rate for your business.

Broken conversion tracking 

Broken conversion tracking is another major reason why your Google Ads results are not showing up. You need to check your change history to figure out if you made any changes that resulted in the problem as the conversions were showing in the past but are not showing now. 

If there were no conversions, then make sure to go through the guide to find out if you did all the steps right or not and do the needful. 

Location targeting is off 

Another reason responsible for Google Ads’ failure is that the location targeting is off. The businesses and marketers are asked to choose the location which they want to target when setting up the Google Ads campaign. 

The key is to target only the local area whereas national businesses can stick with the major cities. But the interest settings over here might be impacting your conversion rates. Every business has three options to choose from. 

Presence or interest, presence, and interest. Presence here refers to the people in that location and interest refers to the people searching for the location. Usually, Google selects the first option by default which is not suitable for most businesses. 

Consequently, make sure to choose the right setting for your business and convert your Google Ads to the best of your ability. 

Seasonal fluctuations 

Just starting with Google Ads means there’s a lot of learning in store for you about your audience and campaigns. But besides this, there are certain times of the day, week, month, or year, when you might notice a lot of conversions coming in at one time and declining conversions the other time. 

Sometimes, due to the economy, the conversion rates across particular industries are in the dip. Consequently, take note of these patterns and be sure to adjust your bids and ads accordingly. 

Too low budget 

Having a low budget for Google Ads is also a problem for some businesses. No doubt that Google Ads is all about getting clicks at the lowest possible costs but it is still a competitive channel that needs a high bid amount for bringing you the conversions. 

Google will struggle to find auctions for you to win if your bids are too low. Sometimes, Google also stops showing your ad when your budget runs out or lowers your bids so that your budget can last longer. 

The campaigns with this scenario will be featured in the “limited by budget” in the status column. The best alternative would be to use the top of the page bid to get a feel for what you need to bid to appear which in turn will get you higher clicks and conversions. 

Unoptimized landing pages 

Not optimizing the landing pages is another reason for not getting the desired results from Google Ads. Optimizing the landing pages means responsive, fast loading, unique to the audience you are targeting, and closely associated with the Ad. 

Besides this, make sure your landing page has a powerful headline, prominent CTA, concise copy, clean design with high-quality images, easy-to-use form, testimonials, and reviews. 

These essentials in your landing pages can help you to get a solid baseline of conversions. The best way would be to do A/B testing to decide which one is yielding better outcomes and choose accordingly. 

Ad copy 

Not having a proper ad copy is another reason why your Google Ads are not converting. Check your click-through rate. If your click-through rate is high and you are targeting a broad audience, then your conversion rates might be low. 

When making your ad copy, make sure to include the keywords along with your differentiators. Also, use the language specific to that region. 

Lack of brand awareness 

Lack of brand awareness is also a significant reason why your Google Ads are not converting. Despite high intent on search engines, no user would click on your ad if they have not heard about your business before. 

Consequently, it’s important to have a multi-channel marketing strategy to let your audience know about your brand. By this, we mean that don’t only run ads on search engines but also on social media and across the Google display network. 

The research conducted on this reveals that display ads improve search ad conversion rates which is a great way to get started on campaigns. 

Wrapping Up

By now, you must have learned plenty of reasons why your Google Ads are not converting. Fortunately, you can implement the desired solutions for this and make your Google Ads convert like never before.