Nearly everyone has heard of the domain authority whether you are an experienced digital marketer or completely new to the world of SEO. Domain authority is not something new and is a crucial part of SEO. 

Many SEO strategies use domain authority as a parameter to understand and quantify the potential of websites. But most digital marketers lack complete knowledge of domain authority and how important it is for SEO strategy. 

Knowing your domain authority can help you to formulate your marketing plan and come up with changes in your marketing plan. Consequently, having a great domain authority is a must. 

Here are some of the ways to help you increase the domain authority of your website. 

Domain Authority 

Domain authority refers to a metric created by Moz that tells you how likely a website will be ranked in the search engine. Usually, it is measured on a scale of 0-100. The higher the score out of 100, the more potential, and vice versa. 

You can easily check the domain authority of your website by using widely available tools such as Uber Suggest, Ahrefs, and the list goes on. 

Tips To Increase Domain Authority 

The domain authority is mainly calculated through backlinks but other off-page SEO activities such as link building are equally effective ways to increase domain authority. It may sound easy but in reality, the marketers have no control over whether a website will choose to link to you or not. 

Also, you need to be careful when choosing link-building strategies as some link-building strategies come under black hat SEO and can be heavily penalized by Google. 

Consequently, here are some ways outlined below to help you increase the domain authority of your website. 

Get listed in directories 

The foremost way to increase the domain authority of your website is to get listed in directories. It can turn out to be a high-impact and cost-effective way to increase your domain authority for small and local businesses. 

You can also opt for local SEO strategies such as citation building as these are the best growth-effective strategies to increase your DA. 

Produce quality content 

Producing quality content so that other websites can discover your website and naturally link to it. Make sure to choose great keywords to make your content rank so that the blogger will discover your post and link back to your site. 

Also, share original research or thought leadership pieces in your content as this will likely increase the possibility of getting the link. Use this approach for high-volume keywords or niche topics. Ensure to promote it on social media platforms to attract more people. 

Do guest posts 

Another effective way to earn more backlinks and increase your domain authority is contributing blog posts to the high DA websites in your industry. The businesses are always on the lookout for great content and you can easily elevate your brand awareness along with getting a backlink if you offer great content. 

Besides this, you can seek out the guest post opportunities in your specific industry but they should have the same topical relevance. 

Try broken link building 

Broken link building is also an effective and proven way to increase the domain authority of the website. No doubt that this will require the help of advanced link-building tools but broken link-building can help you to find opportunities using which you can increase your DA score. 

You can make use of a backlink analyzer tool to figure out the broken links in other websites. Besides this, create content and reach out to the editor and offer your content. 

Invest in PR

The next best tip to increase the domain authority score of your website is to invest in Public relations. Having public relations is great but earning links in well-known publications helps a lot when competing against other websites with high DA scores. 

Make sure to get the do-follow links from top publications to increase your DA. In case you don’t have resources for PR, you can sign up for HARO as this will let you know the high-quality linking opportunities. 

Identify SEO priorities 

Thinking about your competition is also one of the best ways to increase the domain authority of your website. If you already have high-quality content and high DA, then pay heed to on-page SEO as this is affordable and can be done in-house. 

Off-page SEO demands time and is also cost-intensive. Still, if you notice a gap between your DA and your competitors, then doing the off-page SEO is a must.

Focus on Google’s guidelines 

As such, domain authority is not an official ranking factor but it does contribute to your domain authority. You need to make sure that blog authors are experts in the topic and also have bylines along with them. 

By doing so, Google comes to learn about your website’s experience and authority via your about us page, contact page, privacy policy, and terms of service. 


Having High DA scores is not easy but by implementing the ways mentioned above, you can increase your DA. High DA scores are impressive and enable you to make great leads and conversions.