Writing an effective copy that sells is not that easy. It demands plenty of effort, dedication, and hard work to write the winning sales copy. Your copy should be such that persuades the visitors to take action or buy your product or service.

And if your product or service is not selling, it means you are lacking an effective copy. Copy can be any word or phrase that you put up for your audience and strive to sell it in the form of information, be it their trust, time, efforts, attention, or clicks.

It simply means that your overall website should be like a copy and selling whether it is the home page, landing pages, social media posts, or any other page on your website. But how do you find out if every page of your website is a good-selling copy or not?

There is a 5C formula to help you find out the same. 5C stands for clear, concise, credible, compelling, and call to action.

But this is not enough to write an effective copy. Consequently, here are some tips to help you write an effective copy for your website that sells. 

Tips To Write A Clear Copy 

Despite having years of experience in content writing and copywriting, not many writers can write effective copy. The reason behind the same is the mistakes that they knowingly or unknowingly might be committing. 

Easy to read 

The first thing you need to note for writing an effective copy is that it should be easy to read. To sell your copy, your copy need not be impressive but easy to read. By easy to read, we mean that the reader should not feel the need to take small pauses in between to make sense of what you are saying. 

Your copy should have a flow in it. The more your copy flows, the easier it will be to grab your attention. But this does not mean removing the fancy words. Make sure to use the terms with which your audience is familiar so that the readers can come along. 

Use right keywords 

The next tip for writing an effective copy is using the right keywords. No doubt that showing up on the first page of Google is a huge selling point in itself but the keywords should be used all over the website. 

Do not forget that the keywords are only words or phrases which your target audience is using for quite some time. Consequently, if your copy has all the keywords, then it will be easier for you to convey the value that resonates well with your target audience. 

Write carefully 

Writing carefully and fab is not an option but a necessity when you are writing a copy. A great copy answers two questions- What’s in it for me and how do I know if I’ll get it or not? 

The best way to make sure these two things are present in your copy is by including features and benefits in your copy. The features and benefits are not only to be used in your product or pricing but also in your blog posts and email subject lines. 

Use bullets and lists 

Using bullets and lists is the next thing you need to bear in mind when writing the copy. But care must be taken while using the bullets. Make sure to place the MVPs carefully when using the bullet points. 

Compared to the longer lists, using bullet points is more applicable. Make sure to learn the lead scoring best practices to understand this more clearly. 

Remove empty adverbs 

Writing a clear copy is not the only thing you need to emphasize. Make sure your copy is concise also. Fortunately, you can do so by removing the redundant adverbs from your copy. These adverbs not only add unnecessary words to your copy but also make you sound desperate. 

But not all adverbs are bad. You can also use some adverbs in blog post titles. In such a situation, using some extra words can turn out to be a wonder for you. 

Replace adjectives with nouns 

Another great copywriting tip is replacing adjectives with nouns. For instance, replace difficult situations with dilemmas, specific groups with niches, and so on. It replaces more words with fewer words but more power. 

Consequently, search and make use of powerful words to make a significant impact on your visitors. 

Be blunt 

The next effective tip for writing a powerful copy is to be blunt. It only takes one or two sentences to be concise. But when writing the copy, make sure it should be plain and use the words like free and easy in your copy. 

The copy should be catchy, quick, and devoid of any nonsense talk as this is what will make your copy high selling. 

Avoid empty testimonials 

Avoiding empty testimonials also enables you to write great copy. Make sure to use your positive testimonials in your copy as this goes a long way in attracting the prospects and buying your product or service. 

Moreover, presenting the review on your website also makes your copy look good. Consequently, avoid empty testimonials on your website.

Get technical 

Sounding technical in your copy is not always bad. No doubt that using too many adjectives in your copy is considered bad but you can use little adjectives in your copy. Care must be taken while using the adjectives. Only use adjectives that are factual and specific. 

Using specific adjectives instills more confidence in your buyers and is likely to increase your chances of selling your product or service. 

Wrapping Up

Besides the ones stated above, there are plenty of other things to take note of when writing compelling copy for your target audience. Keep these things in mind when writing a copy and increase your conversions to a significant extent.