Tips To Improve Google Ads’ Return On Investment 

Apart from organic marketing and traffic, Google Ad is one of the most convenient ways to bring traffic to your website. But whether Google Ads turn out to be a turning point for your business or not depends on your advertising strategy. 

That’s why, it’s always said to make out time to create an effective advertising strategy as this will help you to make the most out of your advertising strategy. Well, you can improve your return on investment by optimizing your Google Ads and websites. 

No doubt that it is a time-consuming process but some techniques are used which can simplify your work. 

Consequently, let’s have an insight into some of the techniques using which, you can take advantage of Google Ads campaigns and get an impressive return on investment. 

Google Local Service Ads

Google Local Service Ads refers to an ad type meant especially for home service-based businesses. Compared to the traditional lead flow, the clients tend to witness 10x more return on investment by opting for the latest trends. 

Setting up Google local services ads is not that difficult but the concern is that these have undergone significant changes since their inception. The changes are in how these ads are set up and the market these ads work for. 

Consequently, here are some tips to take advantage of Google local services ads and increase your return on investment than before. 

Tips To Increase ROI From Google Ads 

Doing Google Ads for quite a time but not getting that return on investment is a serious concern. But not anymore. Let’s have an insight into some tips to increase your return on investment from Google Ads. 

Know which account to create 

The foremost tip to bear in mind is to know whether to have an MCC or an individual ad account. Instead of fixing your account structure later on, it’s much better to establish the account structure from the outset only. 

But the struggle is how to decide whether your brand requires a manager account versus an individual ad account. Before you choose the one, figure out whether you serve more than one market, are you a franchise or an agency? 

The best way forward would be to have Google local services profiles to three major targets per profile. Because if you choose to serve more than one location, then you are diluting your budget and also the ranking factor. 

If you choose to go with MCC, then you can easily navigate between them without logging in and out every time. 

Target markets 

Next comes the markets you are targeting. Usually, it’s best to target no more than 3 major markets at a time. View each Local ad service as a campaign. Consequently, it would be better to have a local service profile focused on one major market. 

But if you serve multiple locations, then make sure that the locations are in close proximity to the main hubs. Also, exclude zip codes or towns to let go of competitive auctions and narrow down your focus a bit. 

Consequently, it’s crucial to secure your LSA profile and allocate a budget on priority markets to ensure your dominance on SERP. 

Avoid disapprovals 

Avoiding unnecessary disapprovals is the next crucial tip to increase your return on investment on Google Ads. Usually, the disapproval is for the image to get flagged or the certifications to go out of date. 

To avoid expired certifications, simply input the expiration date of your certifications. When setting up the expiration date, make sure to set the date in advance so that you don’t have to renew it again for 5-10 years. 

But if it is regarding avoiding the flagged headshots, your picture must be more than just your face. The ideal images are the ones that cover down to the elbows. 

Google reviews 

The next crucial tip to bear in mind when seeking an impressive return on investment is to keep your Google reviews up. You should not forget that Google reviews appear on your LSA profile and have a direct impact on your ad ranking. 

Consequently, if you stop advertising, all of your reviews will be gone. Also, bear in mind that you need to have a 3.0 rating to remain active. In case you have a rating below 3.0, then your ad stops working. 

Besides this, also make sure that your Google Business Profile and other directories are accurate and up-to-date by using the widely available tools. 

Have a high budget and bids 

Setting higher bids and higher budgets will also help you to improve your return on investment in Google local services ads. Usually, local service ads are under budget because of the reputation of low leads. 

Care should be taken while setting up your local campaigns. When you are setting up the campaigns, you have the option to set manual bids per lead or opt for automated bidding. If you choose to go with automated bidding with a low budget, it’s obvious that your ads will under-serve. 

Make sure to set a budget 2-3 times what you plan on spending as Google struggles to spend your budget. Besides this, the cap per bid has also gone up. So, if you are unable to gain traction, there are chances that you are running into competitors setting aggressive manual bids. 

Mark your leads 

Marking your leads is equally important as long as generating leads. If your lead gets converted, make sure to get it marked closed and archive leads that are not a good fit. The issues businesses face in lead quality are because of the open services you are taking. 

Also, when you archive the leads, it is a clear signal to Google that it is not supposed to invest your budget over there. 

Final Say

Google Ads is an essential and powerful tool for digital marketing across numerous industries and departments. But by following the tips stated above, you can improve your return on Investment (ROI) in your online marketing campaigns.