Google apps are nearly everyone’s favorite and so is the case with Google Maps. Most people’s favorite app is Google Maps. From its advent till now, Google has become quite impressive and is becoming better with time all due to artificial intelligence. 

Out of all the apps, Google Maps is one such app on which Google has spent most of its time refining and improving the app. The results themselves speak for Google Maps. With businesses becoming digital, having a map on your business profile is a must. 

Also, merely having Google Maps won’t get the job done as you also need to indulge in Google Maps marketing. It enables you to reach out to people looking for relevant products or services so that you can convert these into your customers. 

Consequently, here are some Google Maps marketing tactics every marketer must know to increase their conversions. 

Tips For Google Maps Marketing 

Google Maps marketing is a set of tactics businesses use to make their local business listing appear in Google Maps results. It is also known as Google business listing. Here are the google maps marketing tactics you can try for your local business. 

Update your business profile 

The first thing that you need to do is to create or update your business profile. Using Google’s business profile, you can easily manage your business listing on Google. Make sure your profile is complete and detailed because it enables Google to better understand your business and match your profile to relevant searches. 

Consequently, make sure to add your business to Google Maps and follow the prompts to add your information. Also, keep it updated with the latest information such as pricing changes, new products or services. 

Engage locals via posts 

The next tip to bear in mind when doing Google Maps marketing is to engage locals through posts. You can make use of the GBP posts feature to make announcements and encourage people to get in touch with you. 

You can share updates, events, and offers. Simply choose the type of post you want to create and fill up the form with your post details. Make sure to click on preview before you post. You can also schedule such posts using the free post tools to launch your Google Maps marketing campaign at the right time. 

Clean local listings 

Cleaning up local listings is another crucial thing to take note of when doing Google Maps marketing. Local listings are the references to your local business’s name, address, and phone number. 

Google often looks at local listings across the web to figure out if its business listings are accurate. If Google is not convinced about your ad, it is less likely to show it to the users. That’s why it’s crucial to make your local listings consistent.

You can also check your local listings for free using the widely available tools. Scroll down to find out if you are listed in the top directories. Also, check your details. The tool automatically submits your business details to the top directories which in turn will improve your Google map rankings. 

Improve your reviews 

The next way forward for Google Maps marketing is to improve your reviews. Google reviews account for and also score your local search ranking. More the positive ratings, the more sound will be your local business ranking and vice versa. 

Take note of the top-ranking businesses that have thousands of reviews and a high average rating. Having high-quality rankings can help you to stand out from your competitors. Consequently, encourage customers to leave a review on your business profile by either requesting it or asking the customers verbally. 

Submit questions and answers 

Every business profile has a question and answers section. It makes it easy for users to ask questions concerning your business and get quick answers also. Use it as an opportunity to provide extra information and help potential customers with specific needs. 

Make sure to provide clear, polite, and helpful answers upon getting questions. But before you answer, check if you are logged in to your profile or not so that your answers are marked as owner. This ensures the readers that the information is reliable and you care about your customer service. 

Make SEO friendly website 

Having an SEO-friendly website is also a must for businesses while doing Google Maps marketing. It not only makes your website visible to searchers but also improves your search rankings. 

Businesses can make use of all kinds of local SEO techniques to bring a significant improvement in search rankings. It will boost your map marketing. The SEO techniques include building links on social websites, publishing localized websites, and fixing technical issues on your site. 

Track your performance 

Merely doing Google Maps marketing is not enough. You also need to track your performance over some time to know if it is working for you or not. By tracking your performance, we mean monitoring your business profile’s visibility in Google Maps and the local finder. 

By doing so, you can ensure that your listing appears every time someone searches for your local keyword and this will make you rank high. If you don’t get any significant results in one week, then you need to adjust your Google Maps marketing strategy. 

Make sure to choose your target keywords first and then track your performance in the widely available tools these days. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you have learned a lot about google maps marketing, it’s time to try it out and make it work for your business too. Use the local SEO tools to make things easy for you and notice your website ranking going higher.