Are you struggling with your ads, keywords, and landing pages? A valuable tool that can help you in identifying ways to improve your ads, keywords, and landing pages is Google Ads quality score. 

The concept of quality score is not new and has been prevalent for a long time. Still, marketers struggle with improving their quality scores. Moreover, Google Adwords is not the same and has changed way too much. 

Quality score is an indicator of which areas to focus on so that you can improve your ad quality instead of a score to optimize. Businesses can improve their performance by using diverse ways and improving their quality score. 

Here’s a sneak peek into how you can improve your Google Ads score in the post mentioned below. 

Quality Score

Quality score refers to the overall relevance of keywords, ads, landing page, and landing page experience. It is measured on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. The quality score is mainly used to figure out whether an advertiser’s ad is relevant or not. 

The higher the quality score, the more useful the ad is. Such an ad is more likely to be perceived by Google. With the quality score, Google provides a top-notch experience to the advertisers by stating their ads as high quality and superior compared to their competitors. 

Tips To Improve Quality Score 

No more wondering how to improve the quality score of your ads as we have got you covered. Here are some tips that will help you improve your Google Ads quality score. 

Relevant and Compelling Ad Copy 

The foremost tip to improve your Google Ads quality score is creating relevant and compelling ad copy. When creating an ad copy, include your best-performing keywords in your headline, description, and URL. 

Doing so will make it easy for your users to get their search query in the ad itself which in turn will get you more conversions. Besides this, Google will also perceive a high-quality score for your ad. 

Consequently, distinguish your business with your ad and include the best-performing keywords most naturally. The only way to increase your ad relevance is by creating a tailored ad copy for each one of your products. 

Focus on ad formats and headlines

The next crucial tip to emphasize to improve your Google’s quality score is ad formats and headlines. Ensure to include the newest ad format such as responsive search ads. Choosing this as your ad format will increase your chances of getting the maximum click-through rates. 

Using dynamic ad guidelines can also boost your click-through rates. You can create a dynamic ad headline by doing keyword insertion, location insertion, and countdown. 

The campaign, ad group, and keyword structure

Organizing campaigns and using multiple ad groups is also an effective way in improving your Google Ads score. Consider using closely related keywords within each ad group as this will tailor the ads to the keywords better. 

It will not only optimize your ad but will also improve your quality score. As it is difficult to tailor the ads to a large number of keywords within the ad group, you can use the tools to make things easy for yourself. 

You can use the search automation tool which will help you to generate keywords based on your product features. The best practice for getting the maximum conversion is mixing up the long tail keywords and broader keywords together. 

Besides this, you also have the option to create keywords by using your product information available in the feed. 

Opt for relevant ad extensions 

Usually, marketers and businesses do not prefer including ad extensions in their ads as it does not directly improve the quality score. But this is highly effective in improving the click-through rates in the long run. 

Consequently, try to include as many relevant ad extensions as possible. It is an excellent way of expanding your ad as it gives users additional information about your business and offers. Consequently, including relevant ad extensions will increase your click-through rate. 

Negative keywords and review campaigns 

The next best method known for improving your Google Ads quality score is using negative keywords and reviewing campaigns. Ensure you are using a robust list of negative keywords as this is the best practice to exclude search queries that are not irrelevant to your business. 

Businesses should keep on reviewing the search engine queries in Google Ads. Reviewing them each week will help you stay on top of the search queries. You can exclude irrelevant search queries by adding them to your list of negative keywords. 

Consider creating a new ad group for the search query which is relevant but has a lot of CTR. This way, you can better tailor your copy to the search query which in turn will increase your ad relevance and CTR. 

Landing page 

The main thing that drastically impacts your Google Ads quality score is the landing page. A landing page is a key component that helps you determine your quality score. When we speak of landing pages, there are a few factors that are worth taking note of. 

One thing that is consistent on the landing page is the messaging. That’s why it’s said to ensure that the keywords are present on the landing page and give the users what they are searching for. 

Besides this, prefer to use the best URL for every ad group. This will give the searcher exactly what they have been looking for and will increase your conversions. 

Also, check your bounce rate and if your website is mobile-friendly or not. Make your website such that it will deliver the best customer experience. 

Final Thoughts

With all these above-mentioned tips, you can improve your Google Ads quality score and this in turn will improve your overall performance. You’ll notice a significant increase in conversions and click-through rates after implementing these in your business.