Businesses outsourcing their repetitive and daily tasks to renowned IT companies have become a common thing these days. By outsourcing their day-to-day tasks which otherwise consume much time of the people, businesses choose to emphasize more significant tasks and save crucial time. 

At present, Outsourcing plays a key role in business growth. In addition to this, it also brings numerous other benefits besides this. Consequently, nearly every business is looking for the best outsourcing companies these days. 

On the surface, finding the best IT outsourcing company may seem an easy thing but it is not so in reality. It is the most difficult task because of the number of companies available. It is nearly impossible to distinguish between genuine and false IT outsourcing companies. 

But no worries as this post will clear all your doubts concerning the best IT outsourcing companies in Bangalore. Let’s have a sneak-peek into outsourcing and how Bangalore is regarded as the best for this in the post mentioned below.

Bangalore as IT Hub 

Nearly everyone is familiar with this that Bangalore is recognized as the IT hub these days. Not only IT, but businesses also trust Bangalore for research and development, software as well as other things. 

There are a great number of good and reliable software development companies offering excellent IT services in Bangalore. The most prominent reasons are the cheaper cost and friendly government policies. 

IT companies in Bangalore export 40% of services of the globe with quality IT and software development at the best rates and time. There are numerous reasons which make Bangalore the much sought-after IT destination for all IT needs. 

Best IT Outsourcing Companies in Bangalore 

With so many IT outsourcing firms in Bangalore, it becomes a daunting task to choose the one out of many. But if you intend to expand your business, then updating the IT strategies is a must. 

The technical advancements lead to numerous crucial updates and fulfill all your business needs. Here’s an insight into the latest IT outsourcing companies in Bangalore to scale your business. 

Skilled Pragati 

The first name which comes to mind when discussing the best IT outsourcing companies in Bangalore is none other than Skilled Pragati. What is it which makes Skilled Pragati so unique and distinguished from others? 

It is none other than its team of adept developers and years of experience they have in dealing with all sorts of clients. The core services of the company include blockchain development, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency exchange, and many others. 


Undoubtedly, Infosys has emerged as a world-famous company for its exceptional IT services. With nearly an experience of four decades, it is one of the leading software development companies. 

It has helped numerous businesses to commence their digital transformation and stay ahead of their competitors. The company aims to minimize the time spent across all stages of software development with the help of automation. 

Its shortened development lifecycles and swifter project completion is what assist the businesses in accomplishing their goals. Some of its key services include blockchain, data analytics, applied AI, and others. 


The next best IT outsourcing company in Bangalore you can look forward to for your businesses is Mindtree. It is one of the reputed software development companies emphasizing developing innovative technology solutions that streamline the business processes and assists the businesses in achieving technological achievements. 

While delivering its services, the company makes use of top-notch tools and offers the best services. Its key services include IoT, AR, VR, Cloud computing, Data analytics, and many more to go. 


Usually, it was a hardware company, still, it has established its name as one of the best software companies in Bangalore. Be it startups or well-established brands, IBM specializes in offering state-of-the-art software development services. 

If you are looking for a building, scaling, and enhancing products across various platforms with the help of existing technologies in web, mobile, cloud, AI, and analytics. With passing years, its end-to-end capabilities have turned businesses into cognitive enterprises. 

Some of the key services of IBM include advanced analytics and AI services, design and business strategy, cloud services, and many more to go. 

Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd 

Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd is the next best IT outsourcing company in Bangalore. It is a global management consulting and professional service offering exceptional software development services. 

The company has achieved great heights in outsourcing software development with a major emphasis on innovation. The company offers a range of solutions to its global clients which includes strategy, consulting services, technical assistance, and operations management. 

Some of the key services include automation, agile transformation, testing, software engineering, and DevOps. 


Still, looking for more outsourcing companies in Bangalore? Why not choose openXcell as your outsourcing company? OpenXcell is a leading software development company offering unique and innovative software solutions. 

It has been years since the company has been helping enterprises to makeover their business by using the latest and advanced tools and techniques with adept developers and technicians. OpenXcell is a one-stop solution for all your software development needs ranging from software conception to its maintenance and support. 

The services company provides business intelligence, IoT solutions, application development, and maintenance. 

Magneto IT Solutions 

Another best IT outsourcing company in Bangalore is Magneto IT solutions. All your software development needs can be easily met with this outsourcing company. The company has its clientele spread across the country and outside with a successful track record of completing 1800+ projects. 

The professionals at Magneto excel in working on platforms like AngularJS, NodeJS, PHP, and WordPress by offering expert design, development, consulting, and strategy services. Some of its key services include e-commerce solutions, business consulting, UI/UX design services, and web development services. 

Code brew labs 

There cannot be any other better company to outsource software development than Code Brew labs. It is an award-winning app development company assisting businesses to achieve their goals. 

With expertise in multiple niches and emphasis on the latest technologies, it is a full-cycle software and mobile app development company. Its key services include blockchain development services, custom software development, IoT, and web and mobile app development solutions. 

Trigent software limited 

Looking for end-to-end development support? Trigent software limited has got you covered. Having specialization in the latest technologies such as automation, big data, IoT, cloud, and AI, the company is an expert in providing world-class solutions to its clients. 

It has been years since the company is being recognized for its leading solutions, excellent execution, and strategic insights. Its main aim is to overcome the obstacles of technology complexity and budget through its offshore development services. 

The company’s key services include BI and analytics, cloud services, custom software development, product engineering, and so on. 


Another reputed software company having offices in major countries is none other than Wipro. Be it the technology, consulting, or outsourcing business, Wipro is recognized as the world’s leader. 

The company helps its clients to adapt to the digital world and become successful by harnessing the power of the cloud, automation, analytics, robotics, and cognitive computing. Its key services include IT consulting, blockchain development, data, analytics, and AI.

Tech Mahindra 

Another best IT outsourcing company is Tech Mahindra. This software development company centers around the customers and is bent on offering best-in-class technological solutions. There are highly qualified developers and technicians striving to design meaningful and sustainable experiences for customers. 

Tech Mahindra not only delivers traditional IT services but also provides a range of design-led services such as cloud and infrastructure management, user experience design, and quality assurance. 


Cognitiveclouds enjoys the reputation of being a software development company. Not only this, but it is also a google certified agency that strives to turn its client’s vision into a reality by creating beautiful mobile and web software solutions. 

Through its agile design and development process, the company is known for bringing a fresh perspective to all its clients’ problems. The company always looks after the right product to reach the right people at the right time.

Some of its key services include e-commerce development, internet of things services, UI/UX design, and many more to go. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Going to an IT Company in Bangalore

No doubt having in-depth information about the company goes a long way in helping the businesses learn about the best IT outsourcing companies in Bangalore. Still, there are some key things to bear in mind before you finalize an IT outsourcing company for yourself. 

Requirements to build the product 

The foremost thing you need to bear in mind is analyzing the internal and external requirements concerning the kind of product you wish to develop. It is because by knowing your requirements, you’ll come to know about the features to be present in your product and which can help you build a minimum viable product. 

Develop a financial plan 

The second thing is developing a financial plan as per your financial needs. Before visiting and choosing an IT company for your business, you must work on creating your financial plan and see to it how much you can spend. Consequently, it will become easier for you to select your outsourcing company.

Drawbacks of competitor 

Analyzing your competitors before you go on to develop your strategy is imperative. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your efforts and time. By paying heed to your competitors from time to time, you can come to know about their drawbacks and also their services. Consequently, you can commence with your search for an ideal outsourcing agency for your business. 

Work on creating a unique selling proposition 

In addition to the other things, the businesses should pay heed to the unique selling proposition of the product. Before you proceed with outsourcing your work to the company, it is better to create a unique selling proposition for your business and then continue with the same. 

Ensure your necessities 

Be it infrastructure, technology, and HR necessities, make sure to confirm your necessities before you move ahead with allocating your business to IT outsourcing companies in Bangalore. 

Benefits of Outsourcing to Top Companies 

Wondering whether it will be beneficial to outsource your work to the outsourcing companies in Bangalore? Here is a sneak peek into some of its benefits. 


  • The large and experienced virtual talent pool 
  • Minimizes cost 
  • Usage of innovative technology 
  • Streamlines business operations and communications between parties 
  • Superior quality product 
  • Trained as per timezone flexibility 


Checking the best IT outsourcing companies list before moving on to one is always a great idea. This makes room for you to compare and analyze the companies before trusting someone else with your work and business. Reach out to Skilled Pragati to know more about outsourcing companies.