Seeing the businesses outsourcing their work to some of the best IT companies is a usual phenomenon and there’s nothing new in it. Every one or the other company is outsourcing their work these days. 

Moreover, IT outsourcing has become the most common trend these days. Some of the most popular reasons for outsourcing include an increase in efficiency, overall business growth, more emphasis on significant business tasks, and many more to go. 

But have you wondered what is the most crucial thing in IT outsourcing? It is none other than finding the right outsourcing company for your project. 

The number of companies has increased way too much which has increased the difficulties of the businesses looking for an ideal company for their projects. 

Go through the below-mentioned post to figure out the best IT outsourcing companies in Indiana. 

IT Outsourcing Companies in Indiana 

One of the best ways to scale your business is by using the latest technology to your advantage. Fortunately, you can do so by hiring an appropriate IT outsourcing company for yourself. 

An ideal outsourcing company in Indianapolis can increase your business’s productivity and improve its quality with the latest market trends. This makes room for the employees to focus on more significant tasks. 

In addition to this, these companies can increase the market value of your business by using their expertise. Let’s have a sneak-peek into some of the best IT outsourcing companies in Indiana in the sections mentioned below.

Avtech Solutions Inc. 

The next best IT outsourcing company is none other than Avtech Solutions Inc. it is the fastest growing outsourcing company specializing in recruiting, quality assurance, and application development. 

Our professionals having years of experience are bent on solving customers’ problems. Be it small, medium, or large enterprises, the company has been delivering technology solutions to all. 

What makes Avtech unique is its complete transparency and trust in each relationship. All thanks to its standards of excellence. Its sole aim is to retain its customers over a long period. 


Having more than 20 years of experience, Netfor is an excellent IT outsourcing company in Indiana. The company is known for its fresh approach to technology support. Whether it is being productive at work or helping our clients get started, Netfor can help you get started. 

Netfor carefully understands the requirements of the clients before working on the client’s project. Our key clients range from industries such as finance, healthcare, IT, business, and others. 

Pronix Inc 

Another outstanding IT outsourcing solutions provider in Indianapolis is Pronix Inc. it has been years since the company has been helping local businesses and enterprises in wide domains. Be it digital transformation, UI/UX design, leadership, application development, QA testing, automation, and whatnot, Pronic Inc is the way forward for you. 

You can streamline your business operations successfully with its offices in the USA, India, Europe, and the Middle east. Due to our expertise in diverse niches and years of track record, organizational leaders can easily trust us with their business processes. 

The company’s sole aim is to provide innovative solutions to all those businesses looking for business growth. Some of the industries where we have experience include logistics, supply chain, banking, healthcare, hospitality, investing, and many more. 

Some of the perks of choosing Pronix Inc include modernized applications, secure and dependable applications, increased mobility, minimal infrastructure management, and innovation for future growth. 

Arete Software Inc 

Established in 1993, Arete Software Inc has been providing digital solutions since its inception. The solutions which the company provides includes invoice, customer management, inventory, and others. 

Some of its popular services include WordPress development, mobile app development, custom development services, and the list goes on. By way of its solutions, the businesses can keep an eye on their employees and focus on more significant tasks. 

Once the client conveys its basic requirements and knowledge, the company begins to work on creating a personalized solution to promote the brand’s growth. 


Another best software development company in Indianapolis is Counterpart established in 1993. The company is on its mission to build effective solutions for its clients. Usually, the major emphasis of the company has been on full-stack development which centers around the technology. 

Be it any sized organization and any sector, a counterpart is there to serve its clients and create a significant impact on them. There are numerous startups, non-profits, and small businesses which choose counterparts and get highly benefited from it. 

TSD Global 

The primary IT outsourcing company to reach out to is TSD global. Back in time, it was known as teleservices direct which is now known as TSD global. It is a direct marketing company established in 1989. 

Without any doubt, it is the leading IT outsourcing company providing a range of services. It’s been years since the company has been maintaining strict compliance standards throughout its business. 

Some of the industries on which it has been focussing for many years include banking, healthcare and medical, hospitality, information technology, travel, lifestyle, and many more to go. 

Dialing Innovations 

Dialing innovations is another best IT outsourcing in Indianapolis that can help you achieve your business objectives. The major emphasis of the company is on application development and business automation. 

The dialing innovations specialize in the development of CRM software applications aiming to improve customer experience and boost customer conversions. In addition to this, the company is known to provide cloud-based enterprise software options which streamline the business processes. 

Be it website designing, digital marketing, development, and hosted telecommunication services, dialing innovations have got you covered. 


Indianapolis has another technology consulting company which is known as Eimagine. The services Eimagine offers to its clients range from data analytics, project management, DevOps, and cloud migration. 

In addition to this, Eimagine also offers app development, designing, building apps, and many more to go. The company also has many awards to its credit certifying its position and reputation in the market. 

Extrovert Information Technology Pvt Ltd 

This company has several offices around the globe including the one in Indianapolis. Like others, it is a marketing and software development company. Whether your business is a startup or a well-established one, it provides its custom software and application development services to all. 

From application integration to QA testing and implementation, the company handles everything and extends full support to its clients. For creating the software solutions, Extrovert company uses technologies such as angularJS, NodeJS, python, and many more. 

Halogens Designs 

Want something extravagant for your project? Why not opt for Halogens designs? Halogens Design is another software development company serving its clients in Indianapolis. Usually, it handles the work concerning mobile applications and websites. 

Businesses can look forward to the company for testing, troubleshooting, upgrading existing software systems, coding and others. Besides this, it also provides digital marketing solutions with the help of brand development and SEO services. 

Since its inception in 2009, the company has helped numerous entrepreneurs and corporations in diverse domains. 

ITI Smart Solutions 

Small businesses striving for business intelligence and software solutions can trust ITI smart solutions. For providing tailored software and application development, the company makes use of the layered approach. 

The numerous platforms such as slack, sage, and others help the company in its development process, custom designs, QA testing, deployment, and others. 

Virtual Office by Design 

How can one miss the Virtual office by design when looking to outsource their business processes? Virtual office by design is an IT outsourcing company that will help your business reach the next level of success. 

Be it a startup business or a well-established one, virtual offices by design have got you covered. The industries in focus have been healthcare, medical, and real estate. 

Engaging Solutions 

The next best IT outsourcing company in Indiana is none other than Engaging solutions. As the name suggests, engaging solutions companies are known for crafting excellent solutions for meeting specific challenges. 

The businesses requiring additional support for one or the other thing can convey their requirements to engaging solutions to accomplish their business goals. The experts having years of experience can help you with your business. 

Engaging solutions will create strategies for your business that will be as unique as your business. Its main industries include information technology, healthcare, medical, utilities, and many more to go. 


Ciproms is another great IT outsourcing company in Indiana. If you intend to strengthen your practice and enhance client satisfaction, Ciproms is the way forward for you. Some major perks of choosing Ciproms as your ideal company include timely and reliable information, transparency, accountability, and personalized service. 

Be it revenue, improved cash flow, minimal costs, and minimum administrative aggravations, you can trust Ciproms as your ideal outsourcing company. Keeping in mind the requirements of our clients, we can also come up with customization. 

Looking to reduce your burden and save your crucial time to focus on more tasks? Ciproms has got you covered. 

Wrapping Up

Like Indiana, there are ample IT outsourcing companies in Houston and other parts of USA. Going through the above-mentioned IT outsourcing companies in Indiana will help you to choose the one for your project. But be careful while choosing the company as it will determine your business growth in the coming years. Reach out to Skilled Pragati to learn more about outsourcing and make room for efficiency.