There is no doubt that the current digital era is bringing up many things. And out of all those things, one thing that tops the list is smartsourcing. Smartsourcing is a comprehensive approach to outsourcing. 

It is smartsourcing which gives you high effectiveness when you shift your core operational processes. Moreover, it is a great way to enjoy real value for money post-hiring an external specialist or a dedicated development team. 

It was through the publication of the book titled Smartsourcing: Driving Innovation and Growth through outsourcing post that the term smartsourcing became extremely popular. By delivering the core business activities to external professionals, the companies and businesses can get more courageous. 

Let us unfold more about smartsourcing, its benefits, and the challenges it faces in the post outlined below. 

Smartsourcing vs Outsourcing 

Before learning about smartsourcing, businesses must learn about the difference between smartsourcing and outsourcing. As these terms are pretty close, so many businesses and people often misunderstand these terms as being the same.

The major difference between both these terms is in the purpose for which they are being used. Outsourcing is mainly used for cutting down expenses and shortening the project’s time frame.  This immediately improves the performance of your business. 

As far as smartsourcing is concerned, it is a thoughtful and smart move. It is usually used for shifting the business processes which is quite critical for your business. It will result in cost reduction and better time management. 

Consequently, smartsourcing is much broader than outsourcing and can bring about a significant improvement in the business. 

Perks of Smartsourcing 

If you want to uplift your business and bring sensible changes to your business, then smartsourcing is the way forward for you. Smartsourcing is regarded as the best regarding expertise, bringing improvements in core competencies and consistent effectiveness. 

Smartsourcing IT services also guarantee positive achievements for your business as it works on the principles of expertise, effort, and concentration. Consequently, the entire team works smartly, lowers the risks, and shares the responsibility of the project. 

Consequently, businesses tend to get a reliable partner who looks after all their business problems and brings about long-term improvement. The professionalism of the smartsourcing team is what brings about the desired results. 

Before actually doing the tasks, smartsourcing looks after the cost optimization, political situation, and the balance between risk avoidance and capturing opportunity. In addition to this, smartsourcing also increases the core competencies of your business. Smartsourcing is the one-stop solution to all your branding, corporate culture, and other needs. 

Challenges Faced by Smartsourcing 

No doubt there are many benefits of smartsourcing but it poses some difficulties also. When implementing smartsourcing, the challenges that the businesses face include: 


  • Technological integration 
  • Looking for true specialists 
  • Mutual beneficial communication and trust 


When it comes to technological advancements, smartsourcing possesses numerous difficulties. To make this happen, businesses require an in-depth knowledge of the available set of technologies. Besides this, smartsourcing also integrates the core business processes and that too in an effective way. 

Usually, the customers face difficulties in trusting the outsourcing team. It is because the level of responsibility is so high that no business is ready to take the risk for it. Consequently, the best way forward is to sign a contract specifying mutual rights and obligations in all sensitive areas. 

Above all, the best way is to hire advisors and knowledgeable intermediaries to handle the search and negotiations. Above all, businesses should trust their intuition and only choose to work with people whom they trust. 

But what about finding the right set of people? The best way to do this is to look into the professionalism of the people you choose, and their ability to understand and improve your business. No doubt that the task is tough and demands effort from your side. 

The only thing that is going to help you in this is choosing the best software development company for your business. Choosing Skilled Pragati for your business needs will not only save your time and efforts but will also bring about significant improvements in your business. 

Some true professionals are ready to take charge of your core business processes and empower it with their skills. The developers are pretty fast, expert, flexible, and work with dedicated cooperation. 

Quality of Smartsourcing 

Businesses and enterprises are pretty familiar with the concepts of smartsourcing which are quite complex. Due to the complex nature of smartsourcing, it needs proper preparation to ensure its true value and quality.  

Some of the actions that businesses are supposed to take to ensure the maximum quality of the smartsourcing are: 


  • Order and discuss vendor relationships
  • Know external partners 
  • Investigate the market 
  • Benchmark the performance 


Before outsourcing the business processes, the business should not forget about double-checking the areas. The businesses should evaluate the current performance and also must have the ability to monitor the progress. 

Get deep into everything that affects customer behavior and put your findings and priorities at the back of the communication. Once you are done with this, the next key thing is determining the clear expectations with the external vendors. The best way to do this is to apply a clean sheet costing approach as this will help you establish mutual trust. 

All these actions will prepare you for the negotiations. Also, do pay heed to the priority setting during the discussion. Always steer clear when sharing your values, corporate culture, and desired results. Consequently, the best thing would be to meet the people involved in the project and look for their competencies. 

In the midst of all this, one should not neglect the market analysis stage. When it is smartsourcing, then the specifics of the local culture and transportation always come into play. Consequently, it is best to prepare in advance and compare the local markets to get the best one for yourself. 

Wrapping Up

No matter how difficult and complex smartsourcing is, the fact is that this can prove to be a turning point for businesses. The only thing that businesses need to bear in mind is choosing the right outsourcing agency as this is going to make or mar their business. Get one on one sessions with our experts at Skilled Pragati regarding smartsourcing.