Witnessing businesses outsourcing their work to IT companies is not something new as it is prevalent for quite a time now. Instead of training their employees, hiring, and going through that cumbersome process, businesses consider outsourcing easier. 

Outsourcing your work to some renowned IT companies is fine but have you ever wondered how to choose an ideal company for yourself. What makes you decipher that this one is the best company for your project? 

Asking these questions to yourself before you choose a company for yourself makes total sense as it is about your business. Moreover, the rising number of IT outsourcing companies has further made the choice difficult. 

Whenever it’s about choosing an ideal outsourcing company, the majority of the people prefer choosing India for the same. Wondering why is it so? Let’s learn some of the reasons why India is regarded as the biggest country for IT outsourcing in the post mentioned below. 


Handling multiple processes on their own becomes quite a hectic task for the companies. Moreover, the daily tasks consume much time of the employees due to which they are unable to emphasize significant tasks. 

In addition to this, there are many other reasons for outsourcing their work. But the real struggle is deciding whether to move ahead with the particular company or not. Usually, it has been ages since people are outsourcing their work to India. 

Why is India the Best for Outsourcing? 

Without any doubt, India is regarded as the best company for outsourcing. But have you wondered the reasons for the same? If not, then this is the right time to do so. 

According to recent data, around 80% of the US and European outsourcing companies choose India for their outsourcing work. Recently, numerous trends have developed due to the changing situations between diverse nations. 

Consequently, numerous nations have emerged as the ideal outsourcing destinations but out of all those, India still tops the chart. 

Let’s have an insight into some of the reasons which make India the best country for outsourcing in the sections mentioned below. 

Adept communication skills 

The foremost reason why businesses choose India as their outsourcing nation is because of their adept communication skills. According to a recent survey, around 350 million people in India are well versed in the English language due to which they easily communicate with other nations. 

Moreover, Indians are familiar with the latest communication technologies due to which they can do audio and video calls for seamless communication between the parties. 

Ensures superior quality 

What kind of service you deliver to your clients matters the most in outsourcing. Be it any company, it is known for the service it delivers to its clients. Along with time management and other things, service also plays a crucial role. 

It is due to the excellent service, consistency, and time management that international companies deem India as an ideal fit for outsourcing. 


Nearly everyone is familiar with the workforce of India due to which, the majority of the companies trust India as the best outsourcing destination. On average, every year around 3.1 Million students are added to the workforce. 

In addition to this, the workforce is highly competent and intelligent to do justice to the work given by the companies. The world’s best companies have been outsourcing their work to India such as Oracle, HP, and many others. 

Consequently, there is no doubt about the credibility and reputation of India being the best outsourcing country in the world. 

Technology efficiency 

Outsourcing and technology go hand in hand. Without each other, both are nothing. It is the technologies only that play a crucial role in making the businesses stand out from the crowd. The standard of Indian brands has grown this much that today they are capable of meeting international standards. 

Be it streamlining business operations or delivering tailor-made solutions, India is highly skilled at using the different technologies to its advantage. With the way the Indian government is spending on technology, the day is not far when everyone will outsource their work to India. 

Owing to the latest advancements being introduced in the technologies these days, businesses can bring a boost to their overall business process by outsourcing their business processes to India. 

Flexible pricing plans 

There is no doubt in this that cost matters to nearly everyone and the same is the case with outsourcing also. Another major reason making India the topmost country for outsourcing is its range of low-cost pricing plans. 

Usually, the payments which are made to the Indian companies are made based on the hours they dedicate to their work. Not only this but payments are also made based on a lead and monthly basis. 

In addition to this, by outsourcing your work to Indian companies, you can save around 65% on operational expenses which can, later on, add to your profits. 

Best infrastructure 

One thing which segregates India from other countries in terms of outsourcing is its infrastructural facilities. India is a country that provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and global connectivity. 

Some of the best cities known for their best infrastructure are Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and many others. The best thing about their infrastructure is that they act as lucrative options and that too at a lesser cost for outsourcing companies. 

The businesses in India have large office spaces with numerous amenities where there is a big team of employees designed for serving the clients. 

Flexible time structure 

Another thing in favor of India making it the best outsourcing country is the time zone difference between India and International nations. There are around 12-hour differences with the US meaning a huge opportunity to complete the project well on time. 

All this leads to an increase in productivity, investment in development initiatives, and greater efficiency. Consequently, it becomes much easier for India to be available to numerous countries 24×7 and offer the best service. 

How to Figure out What to Outsource? 

As not all the business processes are outsourced, it becomes pretty difficult for the business owners to decide which one to outsource and which one to do themselves. Outsourcing without proper planning can lead to inefficiency and non-achievement of the goals. 

Here are some basic things to bear in mind when determining outsourcing work. 

Company’s growth strategy

When determining what to outsource, the first thing you should take note of is the company’s growth strategy. By this, we mean at what pace, the company wishes to scale its business. Also, whether your outsourcing strategy fits into their growth plan or not. All this will help you in determining the tasks you should outsource. 

Gaps in current IT 

Before trusting any company with your outsource business, another key thing to figure out is the gaps in your current IT environment. Businesses should break out their IT into logical areas of infrastructure and understand the actual cost of each of these areas. 

Your main emphasis should be to identify the gaps between what you have at present and what you intend to achieve in the coming years. Consequently, you’ll be in a better position to decide which business processes to outsource. 

Upcoming strategic initiatives 

Any upcoming strategic initiatives which have to be achieved and which require specific experience will also assist you in figuring out the processes requiring outsourcing. Besides this, if the initiatives consume much time of your internal staff, then also it is much better to outsource the work to some other competent companies. 

Risks involved 

There are certain functions and tasks in which huge risks are involved when outsourcing these to the other companies. Consequently, rather than regretting it later on, it is best to make out if there are any risks involved in the functions you are planning to outsource. Being familiar with the risks prior only will help you decide better. 


Another thing to take note of is the functions which you are planning to outsource. Like whether they require any multi-source or not. In case yes, then figure out if you have the overhead to manage these resources or not. 


By now, everyone must have gained an in-depth knowledge of why India is being regarded as the biggest country for IT outsourcing. Apart from this, the businesses facing the dilemma of which operations to outsource and which ones to leave also have been answered in this blog post. Schedule your consultation with Skilled Pragati to commence with your outsourcing.