Are you planning to commence SEO for your business but wondering how to choose an agency for the same? If this is what you are looking for, then Skilled Pragati is the way forward for you. 

Without any doubt, nearly every business is trying its best to make their business digital and take it to online means. The businesses strive to get their website ranked on the first page of search engine. 

Consequently, if you also want to take your business to another level, then getting the right SEO services is the key for you. But before beginning with the same, let’s have an insight into things that you should see in an SEO company before hiring them for your business. 

how to hire an seo agency

Factors to know before hiring an SEO agency 

It’s better to know some key things to figure out whether an SEO agency will do justice to your business or not. Selecting an SEO agency for your business has become a daunting task for people as there are SEO agencies these days. 

So the question which most businesses face these days is which one to choose and trust for their business? But not anymore. Go through the below-mentioned things to figure out the best SEO agency for yourself. 

Know-how of SEO 

Whether the SEO company you are planning to hire has the expertise and know-how of SEO or not is a major deciding factor. Otherwise, all your efforts will go useless. Consequently, figure out their knowledge of SEO first and all other things later on. 

One should always strive to choose the experts in different kinds of SEO to yield the best results for your business. You can get to know about their services from the initiatives they have taken in the past. Also, do not forget to check their track record of customer rankings and traffic. 


What their customers feel and say about them is also of paramount importance in determining whether you should opt for a particular SEO agency or not. You can look forward to business owners and friends before hiring an agency for your work. 

No matter how busy you are or how delayed it gets, always make time for reading the reviews posted on the internet about the agency. The agency must have positive feedback to attract customers. 


Another way to spot the best SEO agency for your business is its reputation. By reputation, we refer to the company’s market status. One should always opt for an SEO agency with an extraordinary profile. 

Consequently, only hire an agency with a seasoned track record of accomplishment in the market for its clients. 

Emphasize on audience 

For an SEO agency, it is very crucial to understand its target audience. Otherwise, it gets difficult for them to bring the desired results. That’s why, you should figure out their familiarity with your business, product, or service first. 

The SEO agency should know your target audience as per your business. The best way to know this is to get in touch with them and explain to them your business in-depth. 

Social media presence 

Everyone is familiar with the rising popularity of social media in today’s age. This holds for the SEO agency also. Before hiring them for your project, make out about their social media presence. 

An SEO company that is fully aware of the power of social media and makes use of the best ways to do the marketing of your brand is the one for you. These days, customers are more active on social media handles such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and others so the right way to engage the customers is by advertising on social media. 

Customer service 

How they treat their customers also determines which SEO agency might be the right fit for you. You’ll get an insight into their customer service by going through the reviews posted by their customers. But this solely is not enough. 

Try to speak with the agency and its team of professionals before you decide whether to opt for their services or not. Inquire about their strategy for your business and how they’ll proceed further. 

Tools they use 

There are numerous tools and applications which an SEO agency makes use for bringing a significant improvement in one’s business. Consequently, you should also ask about the tools they employ and have some knowledge about the tools. 

By tools, we mean the diverse tools they use for auditing and testing purposes. You should get a sneak peek into how they research, create backlinks, and conduct competitor analysis to hire them for your project. 


You should also enquire from the SEO firms if they maintain the privacy and secrecy of their customer’s confidential information or not. It is because some business matters are sensitive and not to be disclosed to others. 

Consequently, go through the privacy policy they have set up for their customers and make your judgment about an agency. 


It is usual for businesses to have some planned budgets in mind for a particular service. As such, everyone wants to ensure that they are hiring professionals for their business but at the same time, you should also oversee whether they are providing you the service within your budget or not. 

Consequently before moving ahead with the SEO agency, dive a little deeper into their pricing plans and decide. 

Approach they follow 

What approach they follow for your business also matters. An SEO agency that focuses on the big picture, as well as your brand’s specific capabilities, is considered the best. Also see their major areas on which they focus such as on-page SEO, page speed, link building, and pleasant user experience. 

Choose an SEO agency that keeps your business at the forefront in the tough age of competition. This will set apart your company from others. 

Have a consultation 

Getting to know about an SEO agency will become much easier for you when you arrange a face-to-face consultation with the executives of the company. This way, they’ll be in a better position to explain their strategy and other things. 

During the consultation, you can also convey your needs, requirements, and goals to make out whether they’ll be the right fit or not. 

Ask for case studies 

Case studies are the clients of an SEO agency and the approach they followed to fulfill the client’s project. Sounds great, right? Then why not make use of it? Ask the company to show you its case studies as this will tell you better about the company than anything else. 

This way, you’ll come to know about their previous customers and have a glimpse of the work done by them in the past. 

Do comparisons 

As there are multiple SEO agencies available these days to offer you an extensive range of services, this makes it vital for you to make comparisons between the different SEO companies to make out the best one for your business. 

When we speak about comparisons, then we refer to comparisons between pricing plans, strategies, outlook, services, and many more to go. 

What makes Skilled Pragati best for SEO services? 

With a proven record of SEO practices and successful implementation, Skilled Pragati is considered the best one for SEO services. But this is not. Here are some other reasons which may make you clear about Skilled Pragati being the right fit. 

Delivers perfection 

We have a year’s record of delivering perfection and excellence over the years to our clients. It is our years of expertise that has made us competent in delivering the right SEO services to our clients. 

Increase in traffic 

Bringing traffic to your website is what Skilled Pragati excels at. This also makes us the right fit for your business as we have the potential to increase your traffic manifold and bring you great results. 

Sound strategy 

Our team follows a proper, well-researched, and planned strategy for your business. To bring about favorable results to our clients and help their business grow, we take into account their needs and goals and work accordingly. 

Extend full support 

Skilled Pragati extends full support to its clients during their business journey. Be it technical assistance or usual one, we are always bent upon assisting our clients in any manner we can. This helps us gain and build the trust of our clients. 

Professionals and experts 

We are a team of professionals and experts in multiple domains including Search engine optimization services. Our years of experience have made us capable enough to handle complex issues arising during business. 


By working with Skilled Pragati, you never have to worry about the costs. It is because our company services are not that expensive but within the reach of people. Our services are completely affordable and are for a long-term duration. 

Final say

Keeping all the above-mentioned points and factors in mind, you can easily choose a great SEO agency for yourself and your business. Having SEO services for your business will take it to a next level and will also aid in an increase in your overall profits. Reach out to us and we’ll help you uplift your business.