Getting a mobile app for your business has become a necessity rather than an option these days. All thanks to the widening number of mobile users who are more active on apps than on any other platform. 

So if you are looking for diverse ways to scale and expand your business, then mobile apps are a sure-shot way forward for you. But before you get started with mobile app development, you must understand mobile app development technologies. 

Knowing a great deal about the mobile app development technologies will assist you in figuring out the best one for your mobile app. Initially, it won’t be an easy job to grab the attention of the users by way of your mobile app but with some know-how, every business can take their mobile app to the top. 

Let’s have an insight into the latest and best mobile app development technologies in the post mentioned below. 

Mobile App Development Technologies 

The best mobile app development frameworks or technologies come with built-in benefits such as speed, effectiveness, and devoid of any errors. These days, the technologies come with built-in elements which include debugging tools, and compilers to ensure that the applications run sound on the target device. 

But the real struggle pops up when you have to select one out of many available mobile app development technologies. No worries as we have got a solution for you. Go through some of these mobile app development frameworks and choose the best one for your business. 


The foremost mobile app development technology is Futter. It is an open and free framework from Google with which the developers can create mobile apps for both IoS and Android platforms. 

If the businesses are looking for developing attractive apps, then it is an unrivaled and dependable framework. Curious to know what it contains? It contains widgets, a rendering engine, and numerous resources to assist developers in creating mobile applications and debugging and integrating APIs. 

Several well-known organizations have used flutter in developing mobile apps for their clients. Some advanced features of Flutter include cross-platform, appealing and engaging visuals, great performance, and rapid development. 


Usually, this framework is used for creating progressive web apps, cross-platform and hybrid ones. For creating an android and IoS Framework, Ionic makes use of the Apache Cordova and Angular to make things easy for the developers. Doing this way, both the applications run seamlessly. 

It is the Ionic framework that assists the developers in creating solid and features packed mobile apps for the customers. In addition to this, it also lets the programmers employ various UI components such as inputs, views, actions sheets, filtration, and navigation. 

Some of the features of Ionic which distinguish it from other mobile app development technologies include a consistent user interface, enhanced performance, flexibility of the user, and app development for multiple platforms. 

Jquery Mobile 

The next best mobile app development technology is Jquery Mobile. It is a kind of mobile app development platform which supports the development of agnostic applications. The developers can make use of this technology to craft web portals that function great on multiple platforms be it smartphones, tablets, and PCs. 

In doing so, they utilize Javascript and HTML. Businesses can look forward to it as a customized framework and as a stable version. It makes use of the HTML5 foundation and theme roller for developing online mobile applications. 

Some of its features that set it apart from the other frameworks are limited size, comprehensive and straightforward compatibility, and work well with multiple mobile development frameworks. 


Another best platform for developing android and IoS applications is Xamarin. Working with this technology, the developers need fewer lines of code as they employ the C# programming language. The process of coding is also a bit faster. Whenever it’s about transferring the scripts across other platforms, one can do so rapidly. 

The developers who choose Xamarin over other mobile app development frameworks tend to deliver flawless quality and efficiency. Consequently, its connection with the Microsoft visual studio will be an added advantage for the developers. 

The programmers and developers can easily cultivate the backends and other components by making full use of the tools, frameworks, and computer languages. Some of the excellent features of Xamarin include compatibility with multiple devices, feels like a native app, and rapid advancement. 

React Native 

There are a majority of the developers who choose react native as their preferred mobile app development framework as it is built and supported by Facebook. Within some time after its launch only, it became the preferred choice of developers as a cross-platform application development framework. 

Some of the prominent businesses have used react native for building their mobile apps such as skype, amazon prime, Tesla, Airbnb, and many others. With this, you can quickly develop and implement. 

Some of the notable features of react-native include its reusable elements, component-based GUI creation for front-end apps, interaction with third-party apps, and exceptional performance. It is probably all these features that propel developers to opt for this technology in mobile app development. 

Apache Cordova 

Back in time, it was known by the popular name PhoneGap and then, later on, came to be regarded as Apache Cordova. Along with the other mobile application development frameworks, Apache Cordova is also a developer-friendly mobile framework. 

With this platform, the developers can build apps using HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3. The businesses looking to have a native-like interface should allow the developers to make use of hardware features such as cameras, GPS, and others. 

Some of its prominent features include third-party integrations, a single source of code, and streamlining the development procedure. 


It has been quite a time since Python has been used by the developers to develop numerous kinds of mobile applications. It is dynamic, open-source and above all, its language is pretty easy to understand. 

Even if some developer has a basic understanding of the python language can easily develop the mobile application. For ensuring the flawless development of the mobile app, it makes use of the built-in debuggers. 

In addition to all this, python results in the smooth development of the mobile application by offering numerous frameworks, community support, and other things. 


Businesses looking to develop unique mobile applications for their business should choose Swiftic over other frameworks. Swiftic is one such technology that allows the developers to integrate current material instead of starting from scratch. 

Owing to its smooth user experience, specialized banking, and straightforward strategies, it is among the great mobile app development technologies. Be it advertising, push alerts, social media platform feeds, or something else, Swiftic has got everything. 

With this, you can design, launch and expand your mobile application from a unified control panel. Some of the features of Swiftic include simple interaction and navigation, third-party integrations, and a money-back assurance guarantee. 

Things to Bear in Mind While Choosing the Technologies 

Every business owner and developer should pay heed to the limitations of each mobile app development technology when it’s about choosing such applications for mobile app development. 

Whether the application will be run only on android or on both platforms should also be figured out. Besides this, here are some important things to consider while choosing mobile app development technologies. 

Know the features of technology 

Every mobile app development technology comes with its own unique set of features and limitations. That’s why it is said to become familiar with the unique features of the particular mobile app technologies and then figure out whether it will be the best fit for your business or not. 

Knowing so will not only assist you in choosing an ideal mobile application development platform for yourself but will also aid in using it to the utmost advantage. 

Native or cross-platform 

The second thing that matters during the process of mobile application development is whether you want to build native or cross-platform apps for your business. Deciding this, you can better figure out the ideal mobile application development framework. 

Usually when one wants to build for one platform, then the best ones are native applications. But if you want to build for multiple platforms, then the cross-platform would be the best one. Based on native and cross-platform applications, you can choose the mobile app development technology. 

Kinds of mobile app development technologies 

The next comes the kinds of mobile app development technologies. As such, there are different kinds of mobile app development technologies such as flutter, Xamarin, React Native and others. 

It is their flexibility, ease of use, and robust features which make it popular among the developers and the business. Consequently do get an insight into all this before choosing the mobile app development technology for yourself. 

Target audience 

Understanding your target audience will also assist you in selecting the right mobile application development technology for your mobile development. It is because as per your audience and their requirements, you’ll have to choose an ideal mobile app development technology. 

The best thing would be to establish those guidelines early to streamline the development cycle and get the exact mobile app development as you expected. 

Wrapping Up 

All the mobile app development frameworks mentioned above are regarded as the best ones by the developers and are reported to have created sound mobile applications. Do keep in mind the crucial things while selecting the mobile application development framework for yourself and choose the best one for yourself. Reach out to Skilled Pragati for getting your mobile app.