The pace at which the mobile app development industry is growing is known to all. Living in an era where customers are looking for maximum convenience, Mobile app development looks after their convenience and gives them an altogether different experience. 

The businesses looking to survive in this digital era and looking for providing the best experience to their customers should get familiarity with mobile app development trends as this can help them in winning the customers. 

The mobile app development market is expected to touch $693 Billion by 2022. Mobile app development, if done in the right manner, can transform business models and marketplaces at surprising rates. 

Before developing your mobile app, it is imperative for you to be aware of the key trends in mobile app development to make your mobile app development a big success. Let us get an insight into some of its trends doing the round these days. 

Trends in Mobile App Development 

Knowing the recent and upcoming trends in mobile app development gives you an idea of what kind of app your business needs. Let’s have an insight into the same in the post mentioned below. 

Augmented reality and virtual reality 

The foremost trend in mobile app development is augmented and virtual reality. The sole purpose of making use of augmented and virtual reality in your mobile app development is because it enhances the user experience. 

Some of the popular examples of brands making use of augmented and virtual reality in their mobile apps are Loreal, Lenskart, and Apple. It is the AR and VR only which is the reason behind the amazing user experience. 

From $27 Billion to $209 Billion, AR and VR have come a long way and are changing the way mobile app development was done before. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning 

Another trend shaping the future of mobile app development is artificial intelligence and machine learning. Likewise augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence also aims at creating the best user experience. 

It’s been quite a few years since artificial intelligence and machine learning came out as a top mobile development trend. Using both these trends in combination can do wonders for your mobile app development. 

One of the key players in mobile app development is Apple. The machine learning models used in mobile app development have led to the creation of great customer experiences. 

Wearable apps 

In addition to other things, wearable apps are also in trend these days. It has been quite years since wearable devices have been performing well on market grounds and the same trend continues in the coming years also. 

The wearable market has reached $1.1 Billion and is hoping for more reach in the coming years. The sales of such devices are going to nearly double in the times to come. 

Predictive analytics 

The next trend in mobile app development is predictive analytics. Numerous enterprises have been using predictive analytics in mobile apps for many years. Some well-known brands using predictive analytics are Amazon and Netflix. 

The predictive analytics trend is mainly playing a crucial role in optimizing the development process and improving the user experience. By gathering the data from developers, enterprises can look into the issues and suggest better alternatives for the same. 

By way of predictive analytics, the user’s actions can also be predicted which in turn can make the overall experience personalized. 


Not many people are familiar with this but the blockchain is also one of the popular mobile app development trends these days. At present, blockchain is not only a technology but has become a crucial part of multiple industries. 

By 2024, blockchain technology will make a revenue of $20 billion. Consequently, blockchain technology is also playing a crucial role in mobile app development. There are plenty of users which are making use of blockchain-enabled wallets. 

On-demand development apps

The existing void in the mobile app development industry has been filled in by the on-demand development apps. It is known to all that creating mobile apps requires technical expertise and coding knowledge. 

Consequently, if you are looking to scale your business through mobile apps, then no need to worry as you don’t have to do it on your own. Simply choose the best mobile app development company and get your custom mobile app. 

Cloud-based apps 

How can one forget the mention of cloud-based apps while talking about mobile app development? No way. The past years have turned out to be life-changing for cloud-based mobile apps. 

It is the cloud-based app that is the backbone of mobile application development. As the service providers are investing more and more in highly efficient cloud-based infrastructure, it is growing to be inexpensive. 

Be it booking a cab or ordering food online, it is the cloud-based app that is ruling the world. The coming years are sure of efficient cloud infrastructure, hybrid cloud solutions, and quantum computing. 


The next trend featuring in mobile app development is personalization. Nothing else pleases the customers more than personalization. Be it mobile apps or any other thing, personalization has entered each sphere. 

According to recent research, around 77% of customers pay and like such a brand that provides them a personalized experience compared to the usual one. Not only this, 94% of professionals feel and are aware of the significance of personalization. 

Consequently no matter what, do personalize the app for your users to retain them to your brand and make it more popular. 

Voice search 

Are you still using the age-old search technology in your mobile app? If yes, then this might be one of the reasons for you losing your customers. It not only makes you lose the customers but also makes you look obsolete. 

Living in an era dominated by technology, having the voice search feature in your mobile app can help you build your brand and win customers. By using voice search, your customers no longer need to type it and look for their product as voice search will do for them. 

Progressive web apps 

Not many people are familiar with it but progressive web apps are also on the rise along with other things. These are nothing but kinds of websites that are designed in such a way they seem like an app. 

Till now, there are a great number of businesses who have opted for progressive web apps and the number will only increase in the coming years. All these facts clearly state that progressive web apps are a popular mobile app development trend. 

Foldable devices 

Besides the above-mentioned trends in mobile app development, foldable devices are also on the top. If you want to give your customers a seamless experience, then foldable devices are the way forward for you. 

With each passing day, more and more mobile app development companies are looking to make foldable devices as part of their strategy and use it to give their customers the best experience. 

Mobile commerce 

Making use of mobile application development to make revenue is a great idea. One of the best ways for you is to integrate mobile apps with mobile commerce. Nothing else makes your app competitive enough as much as mobile commerce does. 

Mobile commerce is a must-have for mobile apps if you want to be competitive with all of your competitors. If you use it right, then around 72% of the sales can be generated from mobile commerce. 

Final thoughts 

By using all the above-mentioned trends and staying updated on mobile app development, you can easily build a great mobile app for your business and improve your user experience. This will help you in getting an edge over your competitors and perform exceptionally sound in the market. So what are you waiting for? Schedule your consultation with Skilled Pragati and get your mobile app.