It was Google that brought in the concept of android app bundles in 2018 and from then, it is recognized as the gold criteria for android app development. Things have become pretty easy for the developers. 

Back in time, the developers used to face numerous issues while building applications such as targeting different API versions for different devices. But not now and all thanks to the android app development bundles. 

The ability to use dynamic delivery to the developers is probably one of the greatest advantages provided by the android app development bundles. It is a Google Maps serving model making use of the developer’s app bundle to generate APK based on the device configuration. Moreover, there are numerous android app development trends emerging these days shaping the future of the android apps. 

Let us learn more about the android app bundles and the significance it holds for businesses in this post. 

About Android App Bundles 

The new format launched by the android app is known as android app bundles. With this new format, businesses can efficiently build and release their apps. In addition to this, it also lets you deliver a great user experience even in small-sized apps which in turn can improve the overall success rate. 

These are highly recommended by Google for building, publishing, and distributing applications across different devices. On average, around 600,000 apps and games are making use of the app bundle in production. 

Significance of Android App Bundles 

Let’s have an insight into the benefits and significance of android app bundles in the sections mentioned below. 

Reduced Uninstallations 

No more worrying over the increasing size of the app as the apps also tend to have unlimited storage on our devices. But the reality is quite opposite from this. With an increase in the size of an app, the number of installations tends to fall.

The android app development will witness an increase in their app installations due to the ripple effect of the size savings. Consequently, there will be an increase in update rates and few uninstallations. 

Reduction in Size

Another significance of android app development is a size reduction. The developers have witnessed 20% size savings compared to APK. Businesses can visit the Google Play console to see how much the app has saved now. 

Adobe reduced the size of the adobe acrobat reader by 20% because of the app bundle development. In addition to this, the early adopters of app bundles showed some jaw-dropping results and made size savings. 

It is these results that make the android app bundles a great medium to build android go apps. Some of the apps include Airbnb, Blue Apron, Pluto TV, Textplus, and many more to go. 

Limited Manual Efforts 

Back in time, the android app development took quite a time and used to involve a lot of manual effort. But with the advent of the android app bundles development, the manual efforts have reduced significantly and have been automated. 

The link gets uploaded and is shared on the slack channel automatically once the development is done. Consequently, no manual intervention is required. 

Dynamic Delivery 

App bundles gave way to the new concept known as dynamic delivery. Based on the properties such as device features, user’s country, and device version, businesses can deliver conditional features upon delivery. 

Besides this, the users also have the option of installing features in the on-demand mode instead of the install time. Not only this, but they can also uninstall the features they no longer like. According to the requirements, users can also personalize their experience. 

In addition to this, making the initial size of the application smaller and offering extra features can make the users use it more and more. 

Increased Engineering Velocity 

The android app development bundle has changed the entire process of creating the app as the entire process has been accelerated. Be it building independent modules, designing, testing, or releasing them, the engineering velocity has got a major boost. 

With this, the app build time has been reduced by 70%. It is because app bundles dump every resource instead of segregating them like APKs. 

Faster Downloads

Another benefit of android app bundles is that it results in faster downloads and helps you install the apps faster. Moreover, the apps can also be tailored efficiently to each device by using Google Play. 

Integrated Codes 

Integrated codes also add to the significance of the android app bundles. It is the android app bundles that assist you in preparing you for the 64-bit requirement and that too without increasing the size of your app. Consequently, Google Play will deliver the appropriate native code whichever is required for each device. 

Enhanced Efficiency

Besides the above-mentioned benefits of android app development, it also leads to higher efficiency. With the help of android app development, you can build one artifact including all your app’s collected code, resources, and native libraries. 

It means that the businesses no longer need to build, sign, upload, and manage version codes for the multiple APKs. Consequently, if you install the android app bundle on your device, the overall efficiency will increase. 

Steps to Build and Deploy Android App Bundles

The android app bundles are not like APKs and are a publishing format entailing all your app’s codes. It means that it cannot be deployed directly to the device. But with just a few clicks away, businesses can create a signed app bundle and all thanks to the android studio. 

Follow these steps mentioned below to build app bundles. 


  • Firstly, download android studio 3.2 or higher than this. It is the most simple way to build android app bundles. 
  • Once you are done with this, the next thing is adding support for play feature delivery. You can do so by including the base module and organizing code and resources for configuration APKs. Besides this, there is also an option of adding the feature modules. 
  • With the help of the android studio, businesses can start building android app bundles. Not only this but there is also a provision to deploy the app to a concerned device by modifying your configuration and selecting the deploy APK from the app bundle option. 
  • Lastly, do a test and then publish your app bundle. 


Final Words 

Without any doubt, android app bundles are the future of businesses and can help them a lot in their daily operations and also maximize their overall profits. If you still have any doubts concerning the android app bundles, feel free to reach out to our experts at Skilled Pragati and get one on one consultation.