There is no doubt in this that SEO and link building go hand in hand. Still, numerous businesses fail to recognize the importance of building high-quality links. The link building is the main reason that one page ranks more than your competitor. 

Consequently, it is essential to understand the importance of link building as it is a crucial part of the SEO campaign. It helps the business to compete for online visibility and links to your site. Whether it’s a startup or SaaS company, link building is essential. 

No need to worry if you are new to link building and have not tried this so far, this blog is designed to assist you. Go through this post mentioned below to learn about the importance of link building in SEO, technical SEO and how it helps businesses. 

Link Building 

As the name indicates, Link building is the process of getting links to your site. Usually, businesses consider it as merely posting links back to the domain everywhere on the Internet but in reality, it is much more than that. 

Using this approach won’t do any good to your business. Instead of going this way, you need to balance your strategy and build strong relationships with the authorities. It means that links should only be placed wherever they are necessary, valuable, and seem relevant to the users. 

There are numerous kinds of link-building techniques to choose from and all vary greatly in difficulty and complexity. Along with generating growth, it is also the most time-consuming part of SEO. 

Importance of Link Building 

Still, wondering whether link building brings the desired results in SEO or not? Here’s an answer to your doubts. Go through some of these points mentioned below to gain insight into the importance of Link building. 

Ranks your site 

The foremost importance of link building to your site is that it helps in getting rank for your site. No link building means not accounting for around half of Google’s ranking considerations. Google considers links to be of utmost importance. 

Otherwise, it becomes almost impossible for Google to rank your site without any links irrespective of the content on your web pages. You need to have more links than your competitors to rank higher on Google. 

The best thing is taking part in the practices that the Google algorithm looks upon frequently such as the ones building value and authority. Always create links which are trusted, diverse and relevant to bring about the desired results. 


The next major benefit of link building is that it builds credibility. As they act as third-party indicators of your domain’s authority strength, it is the links that provide your site the credibility. 

Doing so will factor into authority. The more quality links directed towards your site will increase your credibility factor. Another thing to bear in mind while creating the links is to only build links from authoritative sites. 

In addition to this, also pay heed to the number of domains you are linking back. By this, we mean getting 10 links from different domains rather than just one. 

Decreases bounce rates 

The link building in SEO also decreases the bounce rate. The bounce rate is defined as the number of single-page sessions. The link building should not be concentrated around inbound links only but also on internal links.

The combination of both these links makes your backlinks look organic. The internal links also make it easy for Google to navigate your site and for your users to navigate your content. This way, it will get easy for you to retain the visitors to your site and lower the bounce rates. 

Increases brand exposure 

In addition to making your site rank high on Google and increasing your traffic, it also increases your brand awareness among the audience. It is quite obvious that the long-term goal of the majority of the businesses is becoming a household name. 

With link building, you’ll become the go-to site for many customers who are on the lookout for reliability and convenience. Consequently, every business should focus on link building and increase its brand awareness. 

Brings referral traffic 

The link building is a continuous source of bringing referral traffic to your site. The moment you create a permanent link, you tend to get regular traffic from it. On the contrary, if we speak of traditional models of advertising and marketing, then they only get you traffic once your ad is going on, not after that. 

But by building high-quality backlinks, you ensure that your website is getting the traffic from external sources also, and that too for the long term. 

Increases sales 

Businesses can increase their revenue opportunities and sales to a significant extent by employing link building in their SEO strategy. When the site will experience more traffic and better metrics, it is obvious that the revenue and sales will increase. 

With link building, you can better sell your products and services in the market and bring potential customers towards you. 

High SEO scores 

Besides the above-mentioned things, Link building also leads to high site metrics and SEO scores. The SEO savvy is familiar with the domain authority, domain rating, page rank, Alexa rank, and the list goes on. 

Fortunately, by building backlinks, you can increase your metrics to benefit your website which in turn will increase your visibility and exposure.

Improved relationships 

The link building also improves your relationships within your niche. But the thing is that you have to go as per Google’s recommendations and only create links that relate to your niche. This will not only create the relevant links but will also connect you more closely with the authority players. 

Consequently, link building also opens up plenty of other opportunities for other avenues too which can be of immense advantage to your business. 

Establishes your authority voice 

Every brand wants to make their brand at the forefront of the industry business and luckily, sustained link building can assist you in this. You’ll experience better sales and revenue because people recognize you as a trusted figure as you run a well-established brand. 

Going this way, you’ll become the company dominating the conversations in your field. Doesn’t this sound great? 

Other Crucial Factors in SEO

No doubt link building is one of the most crucial practices of SEO but it is not alone. There are numerous other factors that matter for Google. Let’s have a look at the same: 

Trust and authority of the website 

On-page and Off-page optimization 

Content optimization 


User experience elements 

The loading speed of the site

White Hat and Black Hat SEO 

Many businesses and people don’t know that there is a right and wrong way to do the link building. The link-building tactics must be done the natural way to ensure the long-term viability and performance of your website. 

Not only this, but you should also follow the guidelines laid down by Google. White hat SEO refers to the process of using organic link-building tactics to increase your online visibility in the search results. The white hat SEO includes: guest posting, creating infographics, building online relationships, commenting on blogs, and using the website directories and business listings. 

The next comes the black hat SEO practices. As the name indicates, these are the unethical practices that make your website rank in the search engines. In case, Google figures out that you are violating its quality guidelines, your business can get charged with a heavy penalty. 

These penalties can cost you a lot and might consume most of your time to bring back your business on track. The black hat SEO techniques usually include link schemes, keyword stuffing, automatically generated content, hidden links, doorway pages, abusing anchor text, or anything which seems malicious. 

Wrapping Up

Never buy the links if you want to achieve real success when it comes to link building. It is because there is a minimum possibility that those links will work or not. Those can even go against you. Instead of this, try your best to take referrals from the high authority websites and get high on your content quality. Also, try to choose the best SEO consultancy for your business. Reach out to the Skilled Pragati now to get started with Link building.