Undoubtedly, one of the most crucial elements of a website is technical SEO. But at other times, it is also the most confusing. Numerous businesses wonder why their website is not on the top of the search engine ranking page. 

It is owing to the lack of knowledge of technical SEO. Doing technical SEO does not mean that you have to be an expert in the same. Having the basic technical knowledge of SEO can also optimize your site for search engines and help you avoid costly mistakes. 

To bring about organic growth, you need to focus on some crucial things of Technical SEO such as backlinks profiling, keyword and market research, trustworthiness, authority, and relevant content. 

Curious to learn about the technical SEO, its significance, and other things concerning the same? We have got you covered. Go through this post mentioned below and get to know the significance of technical SEO. 

Technical SEO 

Search engine optimization, widely known as SEO, is the process of improving the search engine’s ranking. Technical SEO is all about optimizing its content, code, and design so that search engines crawl, index, and rank higher on Google. 

Technical SEO also ensures that search engine bots crawl the websites accurately and index the correct pages. But technical SEO is not only about search engines but also about making sure that the visitors find what they have been looking for. 

Businesses must employ technical SEO in their strategy to create better online experiences for both users and potential customers. 

Significance of Technical SEO

Wondering whether technical SEO is crucial to your business or not? The answer is yes. It is the technical SEO that helps the search engines crawl, index, and access your websites. Above all, Technical SEO optimizes the structure of the website. 

Let’s learn about the importance of technical SEO in the sections mentioned below. 

Website’s speed

The foremost thing stating the significance of technical SEO is the website’s speed. Around 53% of site visitors tend to leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.  Consequently, the websites must have a quick loading page. 

When the websites have a quick loading time, it will help you to boost rankings on the search engine results page. 


Next comes mobile-friendliness. The mobile-friendly designs are understandable on small screens and these look great. With each passing day, mobile browsing is becoming more and more popular and all due to the rising number of internet users. 

Structure of site 

Technical SEO is also significant because it sets the architecture of the site. It is the proper website structure only that guides the search engine crawlers to index the pages. Sitemap, robots.txt, and breadcrumbs are some of the critical aspects of the site’s structure. 

A sitemap guides the crawlers through the site structure such as XML or HTML. It assists the users in identifying the particular pages because it is placed in the footer of the website. 

Another aspect of site structure is the breadcrumbs. It is a kind of navigation tool displaying the current page hierarchy and aligning the users to websites. 

Benefits of Technical SEO

The entire SEO industry is keen on knowing the importance of technical SEO as it is a trending topic these days. No doubt that it is an interesting thing to master, especially for the future. But sadly, not many people are aware of its benefits. 

Here’s an insight into the benefits of technical SEO which in turn will bring the organic growth of your business. 

Determines technical error

The significant benefit of technical SEO is that it helps to determine the technical content error. It helps track the broken links, missing image alt tags, and error 404 to ensure that the content is relevant and up to mark. 

Be it any technical content issue, you can check it and fix the issue before Google figures it out with the help of an automated process. 

Enhances layout and display

Technical SEO also enhances the layout and display on social media. Once your content goes across social media platforms, technical SEO eliminates the issue of faulty images or text snippets. 

Not only this, but technical SEO also ensures the display of consistent messages across all channels. If you want to get complete control over your social media, then automating a particular field is the way forward for you. 

Prevents crawling 

Getting too much-unwanted content showing up in the search results? No worries as you can easily prevent it with the technical SEO. simply ask the web admins not to use the robot.html file to exclude the page from the search engine. 

Firstly, the search engine will crawl robots.txt files and then convey the robots regarding the crawlable pages. Consequently, you can prevent unnecessary crawling in the search engine by taking care of such things. 

Improves ranking in search engine

Technical SEO can also improve your search engine ranking by providing keyword-based content. Google fairly understands this content so the chances are high for it to rank it on search engine ranking. 

Technical SEO allows your content to get featured at the top of the search page’s results. Besides this, your content can also get featured in the people also ask and featured snippets section. 

Increases website’s speed 

The next benefit of technical SEO is that it helps increase the website’s speed. It refers to the time the page takes to load. It is one of the most crucial things on Google which can make or mar your entire search engine ranking. 

A website whose speed is fast and which takes less time to load is usually considered good by Google. Luckily it is the technical SEO that can ensure the website’s speed and also the practices being used. 

Some of the best practices for building the website include optimizing it according to search engines, analyzing it, achieving high-ranking keywords, and tracking the overall performance to make necessary adjustments. 

Assists in adding snippets 

Looking for ways to add snippets in the search results? Technical SEO has got you covered. One not only needs the title and meta description but also pictures, videos, CTA, ratings, and other things once the content is found in the search results. 

If you want to make your website more appealing and enticing than your competitors, then make sure to include these elements in your website and make it crawl in the search results. This will also bring in more engagement. 

Gets indexed

Like Google and Yahoo, many make use of the crawling software to assist search engines in finding their algorithms. The pages are not going to hold any submissions due to the automatic appearance as they link to the site from the other one. 

But you can use XML sitemaps and allow your users to create the XML sitemaps to send them as PDFs. Consequently, the search engines will search the URL also along with the website’s pages. 

Enhances visibility 

In addition to other things, technical SEO also enhances the visibility of the website within the search engine. For increasing its popularity and visibility, it assists in cross-link between pages. People only trust the website and engage with it due to its design and content. 

Look for frequently searched keywords to boost your website traffic. If you want your website to get crawled frequently, then update it from time to time. 

Tips to Conduct a Technical SEO Audit 

It is the process of checking the different aspects of technical SEO. by this, we mean going through the health of the website and if there are any bugs. Still, here are some tips which will help you conduct a technical SEO audit. 

Begin with crawl: With the help of some tools such as Semrush and deep crawl, you can begin with crawling your website. Doing so will make it easy for you to identify some errors such as poor images, broken links, page issues, and others. 

Have a sitemap: The next step is creating a sitemap. Once you are done with the sitemap, you also need to register it on the Google search console with concise content. 

Inspect the website: Out of all the different versions, you should make sure that one of the versions is browsable. 

On-page SEO checks: Whether the page titles, keywords, meta descriptions, and meta tags figure out in Google. Nothing else criteria are best for evaluating it. 

Links and site speed: Check if your site is in complete order or not. For this, you can go through the internal and external links. Consequently do check your website page by making use of the technical SEO. 

Analytics: Do you want to have access to live shared data? The answer is yes. Its main purpose is to report the live metric data. Besides this, you can also check the bounce rate and also compare them. 


Be it any site, technical SEO is the main thing in this. For getting leads and becoming popular, technical SEO is a must. Book your consultation with Skilled Pragati to discuss technical SEO and the way it brings organic growth to the business.