Without any doubt, the new year can make sales reps exhausted. It seems like you just finished your marathon but soon you are asked to run afterward for some time. No doubt that you have it in you to do the sales reps but all this depends upon preparation. 

As per recent statistics, less than half of the quotas can meet the sales reps. It is the sales representatives that can transform digital marketing and give it a boost. Consequently, many sales professionals struggle to meet sales quotas. But no more worrying about doing the sales reps. 

Here are some steps for you to follow at the beginning of the new year and gear yourself up for success. Let us get started then. 

Tips for Sales Representatives 

Most of the sales representatives are confused about what to do in the first quarter of the new year. But no more confusion now. Here are some tips that sales representatives should emphasize for the first quarter of the new year. 

Reflect on the previous year

Before doing anything, take the proper time to reflect on your last year. By this, we mean what practices you followed that worked for last year? It will give you an insight into what worked in your favor last night and what didn’t work. 

You should analyze your activity to see the sticking points, what caused them and what benefitted you immensely. The main purpose of this is to let go of the practices that didn’t benefit you and work on the ones that brought you success. 

Reflecting on previous years is a significant step as it allows you to plan your strategy in the best way for attracting leads and making value propositions drawing them to your business. 

Decide your goals 

The second best thing for sales representatives is setting their goals and making a plan accordingly. It is better to decide your goals at the beginning of the year only so that you have a fair idea of what you need to accomplish and be accountable for it. 

Once you are clear with your goals, you’ll be familiar with what you’ll require to fulfill your goals. Consequently, you can work toward your goals. 

Create accountability 

Schedule a meeting with your manager to present your plan and achieve your goals. Doing so will let you know if you are on the right track or not and will also build your accountability. 

Sharing the plan with your manager will also bring an improvement in your sales skills throughout the year. Above all, it will keep you accountable and motivated. Moreover, the manager will also be able to check your progress at regular intervals. 

Clean your pipeline 

Whenever it’s the new year, cleaning out your pipeline is a must. Simply have a look at your pipeline, separate deals that have even the slightest chance of closing, and clean your clutter accordingly. 

The first thing should be to identify target accounts based on successful industries, sizes, and industries. It makes it easy to remove leads that don’t serve you well so that you can have high-impact prospects. 

But the customer stories should match these accounts before reaching out to these prospects. Consequently, develop a game plan that touches multiple accounts and prospects.

Investigate social selling 

Not many businesses know the concept of social selling but this is quite significant. Social selling refers to the process of researching and interacting with prospects on social media networks. 

According to the top-performing sales representatives, social networking platforms are critical to success. In case you have no idea about social selling, then you can assess your industry and target customers. 

Doing so will let you know if it is a valuable strategy that can help you in meeting new sales goals or not. Also, update your social selling strategy to meet your sales goals for the next year. 

Celebrate your achievements 

Lastly, you need to pat yourself on the back and celebrate your achievements. Usually, sales representatives are always running for targets and next goals and don’t get time to celebrate their achievements. 

Consequently, celebrate your victories and achievements before you take up the next challenge. This will keep you motivated throughout. 

Wrapping Up

The sales representatives should plan for the upcoming year. Doing so will set you up for success and also help you visualize how you’ll reach that success. It will also ensure you stay on the right track.