Without any doubt, a leader is not known for the position he owns but for the qualities he possesses in him. It is the qualities that make or mar a leader. Numerous organizations recognize a leader with how many years of experience he has and other things. 

Instead of judging the leaders on their experience or the position they hold, organizations should recognize them from the skills they possess. No matter how many organizations are operating these days but all lack when it comes to determining the qualities of a great leader. 

Recognizing the qualities of a leader becomes all the more significant when it is about screening resumes and conducting interviews. No worries if you are not familiar with this as we have got you covered. The budding entrepreneurs starting a business should also go through these tips before hiring a leader. 

Let’s discuss some top qualities of a leader entrusted with the responsibility of screening resumes and conducting interviews. 

Qualities of a Leader 

Not everyone knows that there is a very thin line of difference between a leader and a good leader. A leader is the one that is in power and takes the final call but a good leader is the one who consults with the team and then makes a decision. 

Some people get leadership skills easily but others spend years trying to perfect themselves as a leader. No issues if you are finding difficulty in becoming a leader as we’ll help you become one. 

Here are some qualities of a good leader stated below.


The foremost quality that distinguishes a good leader from others is his action-oriented nature. A leader who is only about words and does not get any work done is not good. A good leader helps the team in building action and results-oriented strategies. 

It is the action-oriented nature of the leader which results in implementation, gets the team in the right direction, and also gets the work done timely. 

Strategic and analytical 

A good leader is also strategic and analytical. Merely building a strategy won’t help. It is a great leader who can make efforts and improve the organization’s culture by bringing outstanding results. 

Not only this, but leaders can also analyze recent trends and accordingly plan to optimize the future which in turn brings increased growth both to the organization as well as the team. 

Communication skills 

Good communication skills are another important trait of a good leader. It helps them to assess their teams and delegate tasks effectively. It is the communication skills that help them to reach out to specific teams, pass on crucial information to them and understand their issues and concerns. 

Compared to this, there is a leader who does not convey detailed directions to the team which frustrates the team. Besides this, it stunts the growth of their team members. Consequently, good communication skills are necessary for a good team leader. 

Attention to detail 

A good leader also has attention to detail. By this, we mean that a good leader should have a keen eye for detail and should be able to notice any technical glitch. No matter how big an organization is, a good leader spots the inconsistencies before they get out of hand. 

He not only identifies the mistakes but also rectifies them and guides the team members for further action. 

Decision making 

The next must-have quality of a good leader is decision-making. Leaders at some point in time have to face situations when they have to take crucial decisions on behalf of the organization. 

Consequently, quick decision-making is regarded as a vital attribute for a leader. A good leader can confidently take decisions and help the team and company grow. 

Team handling 

How well a leader handles and manages the team is also a crucial aspect of a good leader. A good leader empowers the team and trusts the subordinates to make the right decisions. 

Besides this, a team leader should also give constructive criticism when the team members fail. He should empower the team and lay the foundation of confidence, well awareness, and the ones who can make intelligent decisions. 

There are ways in which team leaders can empower their teams which include utilizing their skills, including them in decision-making, mentoring, recognizing their efforts, and considering the inputs of a team. 

Feedback and criticism 

How a leader takes feedback and criticism also throws a flood of light on whether he is a good leader or not. Being a leader does not mean that he is always right and does no wrong. Consequently, a good leader can take negative feedback and deal with criticism. 

The ability to take negative criticism shows the confidence and maturity of a leader. Besides this, it also reflects his desire to improve both as a leader and a professional. 

Good listener 

Along with having great communication skills, a good leader should also be an active listener. A good leader should listen to the team when deciding on the rules or implementing new approaches. 

He should always have a fair idea of what is going on in the team so that he can make informed decisions at times. Consequently, good leaders are intuitive listeners and listen actively to their team. 

Importance of a good Leader 

Some people naturally have leadership skills in them but then others work hard to develop those leadership skills. The leaders struggling with handling their teams can take the help of leadership development programs. 

Leadership development programs can help you develop leadership skills through education and practice. Leadership skills are what make a leader a good leader. Usually, people associate leadership with top management but leadership is what occurs anywhere. 

Having leadership skills can help you to manage and handle your team well. Besides this, you can motivate your team to perform better. 

Wrapping Up

Having all these qualities in you is what makes you a good leader. Go through the traits mentioned above and do your best to inculcate these habits in you and make yourself a good leader.