Most businesses feel that they only need to build websites but merely building websites is not going to help. Apart from building websites, you also need to establish trust by showcasing reviews on your WordPress site. 

Installing a WordPress review plugin on your website is the one-stop solution if you want to increase traffic to your WordPress site, boost SEO, or bring in more sales from your products. You can draw new customers towards your brand and retain the existing ones by having reviews for your products or services. 

These are the most powerful sources of marketing and the best part about reviews is that these are free. Consequently, businesses need to collect reviews from their customers. But which WordPress plugins to opt for in 2023 is a big question. 

If you are also looking out for the same, then we have got you covered. Let us have a look at some of the best WordPress review plugins for 2023. 

WordPress Review Plugin 

With plenty of WordPress review plugins in place, it can be intimidating for you to decide which one to choose and which not. Before choosing the WordPress review plugin, you need to make sure that the plugin should be reliable and safe. 

Also, see that the review plugin must have good ratings and reviews. You’ll come to know about this by browsing the plugins. The more the rating, the better it will be. Also, check how many installations the plugins have. 

Here are some of the best and top-rated WordPress review plugins you can consider opting for in 2023. 

WP Review Pro 

WP review pro is the best WordPress plugin if you are on the lookout for a comprehensive review plugin. The basic features of this plugin are free but if you want to unlock the full features list, then you can upgrade to the pro version. 

Getting this plugin for your website will get you unlimited color selections, and a variety of ratings such as stars, thumbs up, points, or circle ratings. There are 19 rich snippets in the plugin which work with Facebook, Google, and Yelp to expand your reach. 

Google Reviews

The next WordPress review plugin for 2023 is the Google review plugin. As the name indicates, this plugin is specifically meant for displaying ratings and reviews from Google using an API. Its free version supports only five Google reviews but the business version allows you unlimited Google reviews. 

With this, you also tend to get unlimited Yelp and Facebook reviews, and will sync your accounts for automatic updates. The best part about this review is that you can put your best reviews at the top by using the filter feature and choosing the order you want. 

The reviews are displayed using a widget, shortcode, HTML, or Javascript. Besides this, you can also ask your customers to leave a review through your website for other platforms. 

Site Reviews 

If you are looking for a simple WordPress review plugin, then site reviews are the best plugin option for you. It allows the users to leave a review via a customized form. You can also filter the reviews as per your requirements. 

You can combine this review with woocommerce via a free add-on for the products in your woo commerce store. This plugin can be used as a shortcode and accommodates various themes and builder types. 

Starfish Reviews 

Another WordPress review plugin businesses must look forward to is the Starfish review. This plugin makes use of a funnel system to support both positive and negative reviews. You can set up the plugin in the WordPress dashboard and easily link it to other accounts. 

You can give both positive and negative review options to your customers and it depends on them what they choose. For instance, if a positive review is chosen, then you can offer multiple options to your customers concerning where they can leave their reviews. 

But contrary to this, if a negative review is chosen, then feedback will be directly sent to you and asked for more information. If you want, you can also resist customers from posting negative reviews. 


In addition to the ones mentioned above, there is another best WordPress review plugin that businesses can consider opting for in 2023 Taqyeem.  This WordPress review plugin creates great custom reviews which can be added to posts, pages, and custom posts. 

Choosing this plugin over others gives you unlimited color and review criteria customizations and that too with the choice of 500 Google fonts to match the branding. Rating styles of this review plugin includes percentages, stars, and options for rating image. 

You can choose to display the reviews the way you want by best, recent, and random. The plugin also uses rich snippets for optimal viewing via search engines. By purchasing it one time, you can have six months of support. 

If you want, you can also have additional support by having this plugin for your WordPress website. 

Customer Reviews For WooCommerce

The next popular WordPress review plugin for 2023 is customer reviews for WooCommerce. The plugin allows your customers to shop in your store and leave written reviews which in turn will increase your social proof and bring in more customers. 

Whenever a customer makes a purchase, you can automatically send a mail to your customer asking them to review. If not, you can also send coupons to your customers and ask them to leave a review. 

You can also verify the authenticity of reviews by integrating the plugin with the service. The plugin uses ratings, voting review types, and customer-submitted photos. You can also filter the reviews. 

The plugin is available in a free version. But if you want professional features and customization, then you can consider the professional version for a year. 

Final Thoughts 

The plenty of plugin options can make it difficult for you to choose the ideal WordPress review plugin but no after that, you have to choose the one for your website. Prefer choosing review plugins with five-star rating reviews, active installations, and compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.