Initially, learning about WordPress development can be a daunting task for you but not after that. Once you begin with the same, it will seem quite easy to you. It is super easy to use the WordPress platforms. 

Even without the technical knowledge, you can begin with and learn about WordPress development. Around 60 million people have developed their websites using the WordPress platforms available these days. 

Besides this, WordPress platforms are such that they bring to you open-type solutions which are constantly updated. There are some crucial things to figure out in WordPress development before you begin with the same. Likewise WordPress development, there is also web development that helps scale your business. 

Go through this post to learn some pivotal things regarding WordPress development and how it helps you in your business. 

How Does WordPress Development Work? 

Before proceeding with other things, it is crucial to understand how WordPress works. Usually, WordPress development has three significant components: themes, plugins, and core. Let us know about these three components in greater depth. 

Core: The core code is the default functionality making up the WordPress content management system. Be it admin backend, scheduling posts, password strength checking, creation of users everything is included under the core WordPress development. 

Themes: Next comes the wordpress development theme. On one hand, the core is responsible for the backend WordPress development, then, on the other hand, themes are responsible for the frontend WordPress development. Not only this, it is the themes only that decides the overall look and feel of the website. 

Usually, WordPress admin is used for creating posts, pages, and other site content. But in reality, it is the themes that decide how your posts and pages will look and be displayed to the visitors. All this gives you the authority to make your website look as you want it. It depends on your discretion whether you want to install pre-built themes or go for something different. 

Plugins: WordPress development also comprises plugins. Plugin wordpress development goes on to provide additional functionality to WordPress. Usually, it is used to modify the backend and front end of the website. With this, you can easily come up with the default options for the backend admin menu. In addition to this, a plugin will also be added to the front end of the website. 


Things to Learn in WordPress Development 

To get started with WordPress development and web design, you need to be familiar with the well-defined set of tools. Most probably, you need to be comfortable with HTML, CSS, and PHP. Besides this, you also need to learn other languages such as Javascript and MySQL. 

As such, knowing these languages is not that necessary for WordPress development but it will broaden your horizon and make you better at WordPress development. 


Most prominently, you need to equip yourself with the two languages which are HTML and CSS. When sending web pages to users, all things boil down to HTML irrespective of the code you write and the language you use. A website gets its structure from HTML. The heading, the list, sidebar, header, and footer all will be decided by you. 

All the crucial optimization and SEO concerning decisions have to be made by you. Have you ever wondered what purpose CSS serves in WordPress? It is used for applying styles to HTML structure. Here, some of the major things to decide include: 


  • Space between paragraphs 
  • Image Alignment 
  • Border colors
  • Border thickness 
  • Text color 



Next comes the PHP language. According to some surveys, 77.9% of websites make use of this language as this is the most popular scripting language. WordPress is built in this language. Consequently, you need to obtain the knowledge of PHP for WordPress. 

Be it PHP or any other server-side language, learning it will give you an insight into how programming works, the logic it has, and other things. Writing the language on the server-side and client-side differs a lot. It is usually the code in both languages which is written differently. 



Without any doubt, the role and significance of javascript is increasing day by day. All thanks to the latest tools popping up these days such as node and angular. The main purpose of javascript is the addition of dynamic functionality to websites and also loading. 

The usage of javascript in WordPress has increased greatly. Besides this, millions of projects on the web are making greater use of this. 



The next popular language for WordPress development is MySQL. This language is particularly used to access data in the database. Having some basic knowledge of MySQL is good as it helps you to optimize something for your site. 

There is nothing complex involved in working with databases as these are pretty simple and easy to understand. There is a heading with each column and rows consist of data. If you want to add, delete, modify or retrieve the data, then MySQL can be used. 


Advanced Tools 

There are several advanced tools for you to become familiar with but only once you know about the three languages described above. Some crucial things to learn for every WordPress developer are SASS and LESS. 

It means that all the valid CSS codes will be either valid LESS or SASS codes. Both the languages bring the ability to use functions, variables, and other constructs in CSS which are usually not possible by default.

In addition to this, you might feel at one time or the other, the relevance to learn about the build tools. Some of the best build tools include Gulp and Grunt. With the help of these tools, you can monitor changes required in the file and run numerous tasks when your requirements are met. 

Apart from this, it would be good if you learned about the command line or terminal. Initially, using the command line feels scary but it is not in reality. You no longer need to waste your time typing in numerous commands as typing only a few will go. 

You can install the WordPress in some seconds only and that too with all the plugins, themes, and test content. This seems quite easy as doing it manually consumes much time and demands more effort. 

Another popular useful tool is version control. You won’t come to know about it before you give it a try. Be it management of projects, working on bugs, taking the backup, and whatnot, you can use this tool as a solution. 


Benefits of WordPress 

Getting your website built by the professionals out there is easy but managing it on your own can get quite complicated. It might include complexities such as choosing an ideal content management system for yourself. 

Everyone needs to take this decision wisely as this is going to impact your website’s speed, look, functionality and whatnot. Consequently, here are some of its benefits to help you choose wisely. 


Presentation of Content

The foremost benefit of WordPress is that it allows you to present your content the way you want. To give your blog and website a unique look, you can choose from thousands of themes and plugins for yourself. 

You can also customize your website’s themes as per your discretion. Choosing your website’s fonts, colors and formatting give you total control over your site. 



Another significant benefit coming with WordPress development is flexibility. By flexibility, we mean choosing from a wide range of plugins and themes to give your website a unique look. For instance, you can get the Yoast SEO plugin for search engine optimization or pixelyoursite for Facebook marketing. 

In addition to this, there are a variety of other plugins for diverse purposes which can be installed in minutes. 



The next crucial thing in WordPress development is functionality. Usually, the website builders tend to have only one function but it is WordPress that takes it to another level with its themes and plugins. With this, it becomes easy for you to customize your website which in turn will bring a sea change in the user’s experience. 

The functionality of WordPress extends to almost every platform such as professional bloggers, non-profits, small businesses, online communities, and many more to go. Consequently, it overall enjoys great functionality. 


Fast-paced and Efficient 

WordPress is the only platform that allows you to build your website in less than a day with mere pictures and related content. As such, there is other software also which are giving a tough fight to WordPress but one thing which they lack is that they don’t offer all the benefits at one time. 

Besides the benefits, other platforms also lack in flexibility, value, and efficiency which WordPress brings to its customers. 



In addition to the above benefits, WordPress is also scalable. It means that if you are looking for a fast-loading website, then web developers have only one platform in mind which is WordPress development. 

It allows you to create your own website’s network and that too with minimum resources and time. Moreover, its fast and easy nature further gives a boost to its scalability. 



Next comes the open-source nature of WordPress development. Usually, it is software whose source code is there for modification and enhancement purposes. There are thousands of developers who have been working day and night to improve WordPress. 

Consequently, the developers have been able to add new features to the platform. Every day, numerous new plugins are there to make WordPress more useful and convenient. Along with the plugins, there are also attractive themes, some free and some paid. It just takes the right developer to bring the unique aspect of WordPress. 



Are you worried about whether WordPress will bring in the latest innovations or not? If yes, then leave all your worries aside as WordPress always stays updated with the latest technology. Moreover, it is not only the technology but trends and users also. 

The function and purpose of the website keep on changing from time to time which brings in the real task of WordPress. By keeping up with everything, WordPress can easily manage this. The new exciting features are added constantly to make WordPress innovative day by day. 


Easy to use 

Some people fret at the name of using WordPress but trust me, it is super simple and easy to use. Its peculiar quality has only made it defeat the competitors such as drupal and Joomla. Moreover, for using WordPress, there is no hard and fast rule to knowing complex technologies such as CSS, PHP, HTML, and others. 

Fortunately, you don’t require any coding knowledge or prior experience as you can do WordPress even without these. If you want some unique and custom web design for your website, then the best way out is to hire a professional developer and choose from the wide-ranging features and templates. 


Sharing Ability 

The WordPress community tries every bit to make WordPress easier than ever with its sharing ability. Now, you can easily connect your social media accounts with your website with the help of the widgets for plugins, APIs, social media, and many more. Consequently, your content sharing will become easy with such WordPress platforms. 


Excellent Support 

The support provided by the WordPress community is great. The WordPress community consists of thousands of technicians and volunteers providing free advice and ample support on various forums. Simply post your question and get an instant response to your query. 



Working on the WordPress platform is quite easy if you are aware of its widespread functions and languages. Whether you are hiring wordpress development companies or WordPress developers, make sure that one should have thorough knowledge concerning WordPress development and its related things.