Gone are the days when businesses used to have physical stores and didn’t exist online. But now, times have changed. With nearly every business online these days, it seems strange to find out if someone says that their business is not online. 

But there is another side to the rising online businesses also. The rising online businesses have also led to the rise in cybercrimes. Building websites is easy as everyone manages to do so but protecting them and keeping them secure is a challenging task. Not only this, businesses are also confused between headless CMS and traditional CMS

Organizations are trying to come up with diverse ways and make their websites more secure than before. But now, the safety measures will become more rigorous and Google will mark all sites that are not secure. 

From now onwards, only the secured websites will be displayed, meaning the ones with the SSL certificate. No worries if you don’t know about SSL certificates as we have got you covered.

Let us have an in-depth understanding of SSL certificates and why it is a must-have for websites in the post outlined below. 

SSL Certificate 

The SSL certificate stands for the secure socket layer. This certificate signifies the connection between the browser and the server. A website having an SSL certificate means that the sensitive data of your website’s visitors will be transferred using a secured network. 

But due to the high prices and the complexity of the certificate, most website owners and businesses have still not purchased the SSL certificate. But today, getting an SSL certificate is easy and necessary also. 

What Does An SSL Certificate Contain? 

What kind of information is there in the SSL certificate is also a question for most people out there. So, here’s the information included in the SSL certificate:


  • The domain name of your website which is to be protected
  • The domain owner’s name to whom the certificate was issued.
  • Subdomains included within the domain.
  • The certificate authority 
  • The date of issue 
  • The date of expiry

Why Do Websites Need An SSL Certificate? 

Most businesses wonder if they need to have an SSL certificate for their website or not. The answer is yes. Here are some of the reasons which state the need for an SSL certificate for your website. 

Increases site’s security 

The primary benefit of an SSL certificate for your website is that it will increase your site’s security. All the sensitive data which is transferred from and to your website will be protected by way of an SSL certificate. 

The information can be anything like login details, sign-ups, addresses, payments, or any other personal information. You can protect your visitors’ data from leakage by getting it encrypted by having SSL certificates. 

Safe subdomains 

Not many people and businesses know this but an SSL certificate also protects your subdomains and keeps them safe. There comes a specific kind of SSL certificate known as Wildcard which not only secures your main site but also your subdomains. 

Businesses maintaining large websites with a variety of subdomains should take advantage of this and secure their subdomains. Otherwise, if you have a standard SSL certificate, then you need to have separate certificates for each subdomain which will turn out to be a costly affair for you. 

Earns customers loyalty 

Another reason for having the SSL certificate for your website is that it earns you the credibility and trust of your customers. With this, your website will be displayed with a security padlock in your browser’s address bar. 

It is an indication that your website is secure. Moreover, your customers and visitors will come to know that you take their security seriously. Some browsers label your website as unsafe if you don’t seem to own this certificate. 

Beneficial for SEO

Having an SSL certificate can also turn out to be beneficial for SEO. You’ll start to notice a significant improvement in your website’s rankings when you have an SSL certificate for your website. 

The websites with encrypted connections get a slight boost in their rankings from Google. Not only this, but it will also take you ahead of your competitors who don’t have an SSL certificate. 

Improves user experience 

An SSL certificate also improves the user experience of your users. Not having a good SSL certificate can lead to a bad user experience. From back in time till now, Google is coming up with plenty of ways to keep everyone safe on the web. 

Google also ranks a site carefree if it does not have an SSL certificate. It does not hesitate to let the visitors know that the site is not secure resulting in a higher bounce rate. 

How To Get An SSL Certificate For My Website? 

By now, you must have come to know about the significance of SSL certificates. Now, the question is- How to get an SSL certificate for my website? 

The most common way to get an SSL certificate is to verify with your current website provider if he provides an SSL certificate or not. Usually, SSL certificates are a paid feature. But most companies have started offering free SSL certificates. But if you are unable to get a free certificate, you can use paid certificate authority. 

Final Thoughts 

An SSL certificate is a must for a website if you want to collect online payments from your customers or collect sensitive data from users. It is a good way to secure your website by encrypting the data. Get your SSL certificate now.