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Wondering how to lure more customers to your website? Getting SEO services from Skilled Pragati is the way forward for you. Witness a hike in your sales and traffic with our SEO services. 

Why Skilled Pragati for SEO services?

Wondering what makes us the best fit for delivering you SEO services? It is none other than the team of professionals and experts we have. Our team always makes use of the latest SEO practices to bring you the results in less time. Moreover, we follow a proper strategy to make things work. 

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    Why SEO services?

    Not many businesses are aware of the significance of SEO services for their business. But without any doubt, it can increase your sales manifold. That’s not all, there’s more to it.


    Building the brand image of the product or service you endorse becomes way too easy with SEO services. SEO helps in building your brand image in the competitive market by bringing in the leads and doing the needful. 

    Enhances audience

    If your goal is to spread your business and website across the globe, then opting for SEO services might be the best option for you. You can attract more customers to your site through SEO services. 

    Our SEO services

    Want to have an insight into what services you’ll get at Skilled Pragati in SEO? Here’s a glimpse of the same. 

    Perks of SEO services

    SEO services play a huge role in the overall growth of your business. With each passing day, businesses are taking advantage of SEO services and increasing their profits. Here are some of its benefits to give you further insight into SEO. 


    SEO increases the overall rank of your site in Google’s search engine thereby improving its credibility. For increasing your website ranks, we at Skilled Pragati follow practices like adding content, increasing the site’s speed, and other such things. 


    The price of SEO services is also not much and is easily afforded by businesses, unlike other services. Our team keeps on reviewing your content and also sharing it on diverse platforms. 

    Quality leads

    Generating quality leads for your business becomes way too easy by opting for SEO services from Skilled Pragati. 

    Competitive advantage

    Another benefit of SEO services includes that it assists you in staying ahead of your competitors. You can always use it to your advantage and leave your competitors behind. 

    Increases rank

    Want to secure top rank for your business but wondering how? Opting for SEO services might be the alternative for you. The right strategy will help you to increase your site’s rank. 

    User engagement

    Now, businesses can improve their user engagement by opting for SEO services. By bringing in useful content for your users, you can retain the users for a long time on your site. 

    Great results

    For bringing you the desired results, our team makes use of crucial tools such as google analytics which provide you with a comprehensive range of information to make use of. 

    Improves website usability

    By adding backlinks, enhancing every page, and using high-quality content, every business can witness a drastic improvement in their website’s usability. 

    Content marketing

    Not many businesses are aware of this but SEO and content marketing goes hand in hand. By including in the text, relevant images, and videos, you can make your business rank better. Your content marketing also improves. 

    Great source of leads

    There cannot be any other great alternative to bring in the desired leads other than the SEO. Our team makes use of the right tactics to generate more leads and help you in growth. 

    Our SEO services

    Want to have an insight into what services you’ll get at Skilled Pragati in SEO? Here’s a glimpse of the same. 

    SEO Packages

    **Only Consultation

    Basic Plan

    $500/ Month

    • ✅Monthly SEO Report
    • ✅Keyword Analysis**
    • ✅ PCI**
    • ✅ Vulnerability Scans**
    • ✅1 Blog Updation
    • ✅2 High DA Backlinks Building**
    • ✅Website Technical SEO**
    • ✅Domain Authority** 
    • ✅Competitor Analysis**
    • ✅Guest Outreach**
    • ✅Social Media followers
    • ✅Social Engagement**
    • ✅Ranking Improvement**

    **Only Consultation

    Professional Plan

    $750/ Month

    • ✅Monthly SEO Report**
    • ✅Keyword Analysis
    • ✅PCI (Once in 3 Months)**
    • ✅Vulnerability Scans Once in 3 Months**
    • ✅2 Blog Updation
    • ✅3 High DA Backlinks Building**
    • ✅Website Technical SEO**
    • ✅Domain Authority Boost**
    • ✅Competitor Analysis**
    • ✅Guest Outreach**
    • ✅Social Media** following**
    • ✅Social Engagement**
    • ✅Ranking Improvement**

    Fully Managed

    Ultimate Plan

    $1000/ Month

    • ✅Monthly SEO Report
    • ✅Keyword Analysis
    • ✅PCI Every Month
    • ✅Vulnerability Scans Every Month
    • ✅5 Blog Updation
    • ✅5 High DA Backlinks Building
    • ✅Website Technical SEO
    • ✅Domain Authority Boost
    • ✅Competitor Analysis
    • ✅Guest Outreach
    • ✅Social Media following
    • ✅Social Media Engagement
    • ✅Gauranted Ranking Improvement