Software Testing

Ever wondered how one comes to know whether an application or system is fit for use or not? It is by way of software testing.

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Practices for software testing

As every business has started to practice software testing, it has become a common process these days. But are you aware of the best practices in software testing? Skilled Pragati makes use of the below practices for software testing:

Monitoring bugs or defects

If you want to improve the performance of your software, then monitoring bugs or defects is the way for you.


By way of reporting and metrics, the team members or employees can share status, goals, and other things which enable them to test the software.

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Benefits of software testing

Software is of no use when it is failing to meet the business’s requirements. Consequently, software testing should be done. It has many benefits.

Ensures quality product

The quality of the product gets way too enhanced by doing software testing.

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Smooth development

Another benefit of software testing is that it smoothes development processes which aid in business growth.

Greater security

For security reasons also, businesses should start having software testing done to give clients well-tested and reliable products.

Saves money

The cost-effectiveness of the software testing is another perk of doing the software testing. So what are you waiting for? Consult Skilled Pragati now.